Better and Faster Pizza The Benefits Of a Dough Mixer

Dough rolling machine

If you?re worried about your company keeping up with the sales of your pizza, a dough mixer machine may just be the best purchase for you. A commercial dough mixer saves about as much time on the making of dough for pizza parlors as an electric meat grinder does for the packaging of meat.

Making the dough by hand can be a therapeutic process, but when you?re making dough for hungry customers, it can easily become stressful. An industrial dough mixer takes less time (the average time it takes to make and knead the dough by hand is 25 minutes) and effort to make pizza dough and can, therefore, increase your company?s productivity and sales.

Those sales wouldn?t likely go down, either. Pizza is the top comfort food in the United States, according to a Harris Poll, and up to 34% of the American population visits a restaurant at least once a week racking up restaurant sales to a total of $783 Billion annually.

The spiral dough mixer specifically is a favorite among pizza makers because of its gentleness, which ensures the yeast completely mixed into the dough rather than uneven. However, a dough mixer machine can be used for much more than just dough. Cutter mixers have the possibility to not only mix the dough but can also grate cheese and create sauces, therefore, saving time on the entire pizza making process for the days in which sales go up beyond company expectation or when employment is low.

Companies may not feel the need to purchase a dough mixer machine because, with workers on the job consistently making pizza dough, it seems like an unnecessary expense. However, with a dough mixer machine not only would you be shaving off the time it takes to make the dough and therefore ensuring productivity in your business, but you would easily be making back the money expended on the dough mixer machine itself with a number of increased sales. An increase in the speed at which a company produces their pizza increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction means good reviews. The better the reviews, the better the sales. Thus, the dough mixer machine pays for itself.

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