Ten Reasons Chocolate is Good for You


Ok, there’s no denying that chocolate is delicious, when it comes to a great twenty-first century debate about whether or not chocolate is good for you, things get a little more complicated.

However, for those nay-sayers out there who believe the treat is unhealthy, here are the ten basic (and mildly scientific)reasons as to why chocolate is great for mind, body, and soul. Your welcome.

  1. Tryptophan. No need for those anti-depressants, the best chocolates to the worst all contain this chemical — which is naturally found in the brain — that is used to produce serotonin. When serotonin is released by the brain, it creates feelings of elation. So you may end up saving your money and your sanity by purchasing a chocolate gift box instead of a box of Prozac.
  2. Phenylethylamine. The word sounds complicated enough, but the feelings this neurotransmitter produces are easily recognizable. Pop a couple of the best chocolates in your mouth that you have in the house and you’ll have feelings of attraction, excitement, and giddiness.
  3. Preventing heart disease. If this is true (and if its on the list, it should be true), you best send chocolates to just about everyone you know. The flavinoids found in chocolate thin your bloom — which prevents blood clots and, supposedly, heart attacks. No more need for that Aspirin.
  4. Strength. No, this doesn’t refer to 99% cocoa strong,the food itself is literally structurally sound. Not convinced? The World’s Tallest Chocolate Structure, which towered 20 feet above the ground, went on display in NYC’s FAO Schwarz for all to see back in 2006.
  5. Craving signals. Its easy for pregnant women to be blamed for having the weirdest cravings, yet if they crave chocolate, this could be a sign that they are anemic. Chocolate has iron in it, which is what people need more of if they’re anemic.
  6. Magnesium. Alright ladies, drop the Advil next time you’re experiencing cramps and instead have your significant other run out to the store and pick up some gourmet chocolates (or kosher chocolates, or vegan chocolates, or whatever you are in to) because Magnesium is known to ease PMS symptoms.
  7. Caffeine. Along with the added sugar, chocolate can be all you need to push you through that 3 PM slump at work. Buy it in bulk and you could be spending way less money than you would at Starbucks every morning.
  8. Longevity. There are 2,133 chocolate stores in the U.S., and hopefully they won’t run out of chocolate any time soon after people realize that it can, in fact, help you live longer. Check out Harvard University’s 1999 study if you’re not convinced.
  9. Eco-Friendly. When a bunch of UK researchers fed E. Coli bacteria some leftover chocolate, it released hydrogen gas. This gas was then used to power an electric fan. If it takes roughly 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate, then we are going to need quite a bit of E. Coli.
  10. Melting point. Chocolate is the only edible substance that melts just below our natural human body temperature. Because it melts at 97%, it can keep longer than most foods. So go ahead, squirrel away some of your best chocolates for a few months in a temperate and dry climate — it will still be in tact when you reach for it later.

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