The Top 3 Surprising Health and Wellness Benefits of Playing Golf at Golf Courses

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Golf. It’s one of those sports that you either love, hate, or disregard altogether. Many people aren’t quite sure how to feel about golf, while a large number of people are all out golf aficionados and love the sport with every fiber of their being. You know the type; it’s like they speak another language when they talk about golf and for them, it’s more of a lifestyle than it is a hobby or a past time.

For those on the outside, it can be hard to understand or see what all the hubbub is about golf programs, golf equipment, and private or public golf courses in general. But golf club events are a lot more than just playing a round of 18, and playing this misunderstood sport actually has quite a few surprising benefits. If you’re looking for a way to become active but don’t feel like sweating it out with meatheads at the gym, then perhaps it’s time to at least consider all of the amazing benefits of playing a round of golf or two at golf courses.

Take a look at all of these benefits of playing golf at local golf courses in your area and beyond.

You get to get outside

When was the last time you were really able to soak up some sun? If you’re having a hard time remembering, you’re not alone. These days, most Americans live sedentary lifestyles that involve eight or more hours working at a desk followed by time spent lounging at home while also engaged in some other kind of digital activity. This adds up to a whole of sitting, which in turn greatly increases the risk of of developing a chronic health condition, such as heart disease or diabetes. And if you’re not eating well on top of living a sedentary lifestyle, you can expect this risk to quadruple! Golf gets you outside on a golf course, where you have a chance to engage in light physical activity and gain exposure to the sun and fresh air.

Not only does this improve your physical well being by allowing you to get some much needed vitamin D from the sun, but breathing in oxygen rich air has a number of other benefits, such as increasing the amount of feel good hormones your brain produces! Regardless of how well you play, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel after playing a round of golf outside in the fresh air.

You get to socialize

You may not always feel like it, but inherently, human beings are social creatures that need to interact with others in order to maintain their emotional and mental well being. Although playing a round alone isn’t uncommon, golf is an an extremely social sport, and it’s far more common to play within a twosome or foursome. And aside from time spent on the golf course itself, golf involves a number of social and recreational activities either before or after the round. For example, it’s common for golfers to enjoy a brew, a cocktail, or a bite to eat either before or after their round. If you’re looking for friends or looking for a way to tighten your social circle, golf is a great way to start doing so.

You get to exercise

The reason why a lot of people don’t enjoy exercise, even though it has the potential to dramatically improve their lives, is because it feels like work. But imagine if there was a way to exercise that didn’t feel like work but instead felt like fun? Golf is an excellent way to experience exercise in a way that doesn’t feel forced or strenuous, but instead feels light, fun, and natural. It also helps to dramatically improve hand eye coordination and flexibility. And even though many golfers use golf carts, you can still opt to walk from hole to hole. This not only allows you to really enjoy the scenery even more, but it also allows you to get in even more exercise.

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