3 Unique and Flavorful Ways That Good Sushi Restaurants Are Going Vegan


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America is truly a melting pot of different people, which each person bringing along their own unique family traditions, culture, and customs. And if there’s any part of American culture as a whole that underscores this deep diversity, it’s the good. What is American cuisine or food anyway? Considering that the United States is a country founded by immigrants, many American foods have foreign roots, even foods that are typically considered or widely recognized as “American”. And the great thing about American food is that it just keeps getting better and more diverse as people from around the world continue to emigrate to the United States.

Take for example the overwhelming popularity of good sushi restaurants and sushi bars. As little as twenty to thirty years ago, finding local sushi restaurants was very difficult if not downright impossible in many areas of the country. Fast forward to today, and almost every nook and cranny of the United States has good sushi restaurants. Even Alaska has good sushi restaurants! That’s because the popularity of Japanese food has grown of the years, and the flavors of the Far East have now become a big part of the American palate. In fact, the artfully made and high quality sushi made at good sushi restaurants is among American’s finest and top cuisine!

But now, even Japanese food and American food as whole is changing even more thanks to growing interest in plant based diets and lifestyles. Nowadays, a completely vegan sushi restaurant is no longer considered a “unique restaurant” or find, as more and more plant based restaurants pop up across the country. And for those skeptical about how good sushi restaurants can even remain good by using plant based substitutes instead of using fresh seafood for their sushi, you’re in for a pleasant and tasty surprise.

Here are just a few ways vegan good sushi restaurants are serving up cruelty free seafood platters without compromising on taste or quality.

They’re using vegan “shrimp”

Did you know that shrimp is pretty much a fat free food? Unfortunately, it’s also high in sodium and cholesterol. Vegan shrimp on the other hand is made from plant protein, is lower in sodium, and has a similar flavor and texture to shrimp without all the bad stuff. Vegan restaurants use plant based shrimp as a substitute in many popular sushi rolls and even in stir fry and curry dishes. Once you dive in, you won’t really notice much if any difference.

They’re using tempeh instead of crab

Tempeh is similar to tofu in that it’s made from soybeans and is a popular ingredient in many kinds of East Asian cuisines, however, tempeh is made from whole, fermented soybeans while tofu is made from coagulated soy milk. It’s dense, chewy texture and mild earthy, nutty flavor makes it a great substitute for real crab when make it a great vegan crab substitute. Tempeh is a crab replacement in sushi dishes as well as other crab dishes such as crab cakes, where tempeh can be cooked and seasoned to mimic the taste and texture of crab meat.

They’re using seitan for stir fry and sashimi

Seitan is a great plant based meat substitute that’s often used in many vegan Asian-fusion restaurants, but because it’s made out of wheat protein, those with gluten sensitivities should stay away. Even the most stubborn meat eaters can resist the taste of seitan! It’s a versatile meat substitute that can take on the flavors of textures of many of the meats and fish used in Asian style cuisine. It’s commonly used in vegan stir fry recipes, vegan sashimi, Vietnamese style sandwiches, and more. The best part? It’s cruelty free!

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