5 Amazing Facts About the Dessert Known as Gelato


While many things in life change, households throughout the United States love dessert time. In fact, statistics show that 90% of households throughout the United States indulge in a frozen treat. Considering that, there are several great types of desserts throughout the world. That being said, you might want to think about offering your customers this treat. With that in mind, here are five fun facts about the wonderful treat known as gelato.

  • A Treat From the Country of Italy

    To many people throughout the United States, the word gelato might sound a little odd. This is because this dessert was first invented in Italy. If you don’t know a lot about Italy, this is a country that takes great pride in their food. Therefore, customers can rest assured they’re receiving a taste of an Italian classic in every bite of gelato.
  • Gelato Contains Less Air Than Ice Cream

    Ice cream is a product that is made up of over 50% air after being churned. You’ll find that gelato has a much lower air content. In turn, having less air throughout the products tends to give this dessert more flavor. What makes this even better is that dessert is available in a wide range of flavors. This gives your customers a wide range of gelato to enjoy.
  • The First Gelato Shop Opened in France

    While it’s true that gelato originated in Italy, the first location selling this product was actually opened in Paris. However, it was opened by someone who came from Italy. The owner of this shop was a man named Francesco Coltelli. What’s truly amazing is that this restaurant is still in operation. However, they serve more savory dishes aimed towards dinner patrons.
  • Gelato is Incredibly Popular

    Statistics gathered between 2009 and 2014 found that sales of gelato skyrocketed from $11 to $214 million. While this dessert remains popular in Italy, many of these sales are happening within the United States. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you have plenty of gelato spoons on hand while offering this sweet treat to your customers.
  • This Dessert is Usually Offered by Flavors

    Throughout many sweet shops, you’ll hear customers telling workers how many scoops they want. However, things are a bit different when discussing gelato. Traditionally, gelato is offered in terms of flavors. That being said, you can still offer gelato on a per scoop basis.

To summarize, gelato is a food with an amazing history. Currently, this dessert is enjoyed by many people around the world. If you plan on offering this popular treat at your business, be prepared for lines of customers. Considering that, it’s important to partner with a reliable provider of gelato supplies. In turn, your business will be ready for the profits and happy customers that both come with serving gelato.

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