6 Tips for Running a Successful Juice Bar


Do you want to start a juice bar? Or maybe you want to revamp the existing one. Well, the good news is, the juicing craze is still running strong in the country and it is one of the best businesses to be in.

However, every great business opportunity comes with fierce competition. Other firms are investing in commercial fruit juicers to maximize their earnings. How do you beat them? Selling juice from a street stand or bland storefront only will not cut it.

Do you want your fresh fruit juice bar to be successful? Be sure to follow these tips.

1. Have an Amazing Fresh Fruit Display

For your business to thrive, you need fresh ingredients. While it appears like a basic concept, some shops skimp the idea to save on costs. This is wrong! Remember, the juice is your product. If it’s not fresh, then the sales will decline to lead to the death of your business.

So, do you know your customer’s favorite juice? The orange juice is the best-selling juice in America. Statistics show that an average person consumed 2.7 gallons in 2015. As such, don’t forget to stock fresh oranges on the fruit display.

When sourcing for these ingredients, consider buying from the local market. Create a bright and attractive display that customers will love when they get to your store. Also, invest in the right commercial fruit juicers to guarantee the quality of the juice.

2. Get Your Interior and Exterior Vibes Right

Yes, you want your juicy bar to be trendy. Everything from your juicing tips to the interior design of your bar has to be on point.

Follow a specific theme when decorating the interiors of your juice bar. The theme should rhyme with your brand name and commercial fruit juicers. The more creative you are, the better.

The exercise creates an environment that your potential customers will love. Even better, the clients will share their photos and experience on social media platforms. This increases the reach and spread of your brand.

3. Select the Right Juicing Equipment

If you want your business to thrive, you must set up for success. As such, you should invest in the right juice maker for your business.

Yes, it is tempting to buy cheap equipment to save on money. However, you’ll lose on wasted produce and labor costs. As such, buying a commercial fruit juicer is the best investment you can make for your firm.

4. Community Engagement

Do you want your business to thrive in a specific market? Engage the community. Otherwise, how will you show them the benefits of juicing?

Buying an automatic juicer for your firm is good. However, it means nothing if customers don’t value your brand. So, how do you create awareness among community members? Hosting and sponsoring various community events. It allows you to create real clout with the community that benefits your business. In the end, your sales will increase leading to growth and success of your venture.

5. Invest in a Sweet Packaging

Investing in the best commercial fruit juicers alone is not enough to succeed. You’ll need to package your product attractively. Using plain and unlabeled bottles will not help your venture. You’ll need sweet juice bottles that stand out in the market. Such bottles will catch the attention of potential customers in town.

6. Have an Expert in Your Team

Are you venturing into the industry for the first time? Ensure you have an expert in your team. An expert may have managed a similar business say in the food and beverage industry.

Alternatively, you can engage a consultant to create juice bar recipes for you. The experts will also help in the formulation of a business plan.

Opening a juice bar seems pretty simple. You source for fruits, make juice and then sell it. Well, that’s not the case. There are some things which you should figure out before opening for business. For instance, do you know your customer’s favorite juice brand? Plus, do you have the right juice making machine?

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