Are You Prepared To Eat Freeze Dried Bugs?


Freeze dried fruit snacks

Being an astronaut has its limitations — particularly when it comes to eating and drinking in space. “No one delivers pizza in space. It’s sad but true. If you want to grow up to be an astronaut someday, don’t do it for the fancy meals!” Wonderopolis explains. In fact, eating without gravity presents its fair share of challenges. What is it like trying to have dinner in space?

The Reason Why Astronauts Can’t Have a Burger

Without gravity, most dry foods — with crumbs and other pieces that will literally fall off — may end up floating around the space shuttle. “Astronauts snuck corn beef sandwiches on board, though were later reprimanded when floating crumbs became an issue,” Listverse writes. Freeze drying and freeze dried food companies (or freeze dried food manufacturers), however, have given astronauts the ability to enjoy a greater range of foods. With freeze dried foods, astronauts can merely add hot or cold water to enjoy some of their favorite snacks, meals, and desserts.

Condiments Are Fair Game!

If astronauts manage to get their hands on a freeze dried sandwich, there is more good news. “Astronauts can also use condiments, like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, in packets to add flavor. Salt and pepper can be used, too, but they have to be used in a liquid form because otherwise the grains would just float away!”

Are Freeze Dried Foods Becoming Mainstream?

Freeze dried food suppliers and freeze dried food manufacturers are targeting new customers, including “people concerned about inflation, terrorist attacks, or natural disaster.” Moreover, experts reveal that more people are consuming freeze dried bugs, as an inexpensive and highly accessible form of protein. Hikers and backpackers are also buying freeze dried fruits and vegetables — and sometimes even more unique options, like freeze dried ice cream.

Astronauts are giving up real roast beef sandwiches to pursue their dreams — and now unlikely groups of people, including the paranoid or prepared and hikers, are following suit.

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