BBQ for beginners


There’s nothing quite like bbqing your own slow cooked meats. Low and slow cooked meats have a flavor all their own and they are quite versatile in terms of the number of occasions you can bring them to. Whether you are using a stand up smoker, a vault smoker, custom smoker grills, a bbq trailer or something else, there’s a type of bbqing for every different sort of meat. Let’s take a look at a few different methods you can use to cook different styles of meat and what goes into them. First and foremost, of course, there are all different sorts of beef you can barbecue. If you’re doing brisket, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the right type of brisket meat for the type of slow cooker you are using. Every bbq trailer and pit smoker is different and you want to make sure the type of meat you have and the type of griller you have match up. This is a necessity and you might want to do a little research on it just to make sure that you’re cooking the right way. You can even find vertical smokers for sale that will cook your brisket in just the right way. It also depends on what type of brisket you are making. Pork brisket is a little different than beef brisket and vice versa. Once you’ve got your brisket all ready to go, make sure the temperature is set to the right gradient and go to town! Brisket isn’t the only type of beef you can cook either. Of course, there are all other sorts of beef you can cook. Take steak for example. You get a nice rump steak, put it in your bbq trailer of choice and cook it right on up. There is a lot of variety when it comes to steak as well so don’t miss out on mixing and matching in terms of variety. You can slow cook a more tender steak like a filet mignon pretty quickly. Steaks with softer, more delicate meat are pretty easy to smoke and you should keep a pretty close eye on them because of that. Not many people actually know you can smoke tender meats like that but you absolutely can so long as you know to do it right. Then there are the larger, slightly more complicated steaks, each with its unique smoked flavor and texture. Porterhouses cook very well on grills but are also large so you are going to want a larger, more intense grill to compensate. Make sure you give your porterhouse enough time to marinate and cook thoroughly as they can be very thick and tough to cook all the way through. The same could be said of slightly smaller but still very thick steaks like the NY strip or the t bone too. When slow cooking these, it’s best to turn the heat all the way up first and give the outside a nice sharp char on the grill before turning the heat down a bit and letting the insides really simmer. When you do it just right, the outside will have a nice smoky flavor and the insides will be as tender as you want them. You can even do the same for skirt steak although skirt steak is best prepared beforehand with a nice marinade or dry rub. Moving on from beef, you can slow cook pork this way as well, pork brisket, of course, or a nice pork loin. These can sometimes take a little bit longer to cook than some types of beef but the wait is definitely worth it. Garlic pork is especially popular right now and can be served in sample platters or in party formation for large celebrations. For pork, you definitely want to use a bbq trailer or something similar for just right the flavor. Then, of course, there are all the different sorts of poultry you can cook on a slow cooker or in a bbq trailer. All of the different kinds of chicken, obviously. Drumsticks, breasts, thighs. But even things like duck and quail can be easily slow cooked for a truly unique barbecue experience.

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