Casual Fast Restaurants, the New Trend in Restaurants?


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You have a short and rushed lunch break. Your food options are limited, but you are in the mood for something filling and healthy. Fast food definitely does not fulfill those requirements, but you do not have time to choose one of the local restaurants. Fortunately, you now have a third option. Casual fast restaurants are a mix between the convenience and speed of fast food, but the quality and level of service of sit down restaurants. When you choose a casual fast lunch, you will experience many benefits and will be exposed to the trend of a new style of service.

Speed of service

Most people visit fast food restaurants because they are low on time. They may have a rushed lunch break or have to get children from point A to point B. The drive thru aspect makes fast food very convenient for busy families. What if, instead, you could trade out the drive thru aspect for a quick run inside and in turn, receive better quality of food? Casual fast restaurants offer that to customers. Their food service model is much quicker than regular restaurants, but it allows it to be fresher and healthier than fast food items.

Cost of food

Fast food is also known for being cheaper than a sit down restaurant. However, most know that the price is cheaper, not only because of the convenience, but also because much of the food is frozen and does not require extensive cooking. Casual fast restaurants, however, serve fresher food items, similar to what you would get at a sit down restaurant. The only difference is the manner that it is prepared. Casual fast restaurants may have smaller menus, allowing them to effectively serve you quality food, at a cheaper price.

Catering options

You have probably never realistically considered catering from a fast food restaurant. However, even if you were, it is not always a possibility. Fast food restaurants are usually not set up to cater. They do not have a delivery person or the ability to cook large quantities of food and keep it fresh. Catering from a regular restaurant may be expensive and require you to select food items that are not very complementary to different food preferences. Casual fast catering, on the other hand, allows you to pick fresher items that meet a greater variety of food likes, including chicken wings.

Considering that Americans consume more chicken than anyone else in the world, it is always a good catering option. It is the number one protein consumed in the United States. However, chicken wings from a fast food restaurant are usually frozen and do not transport well. Unless a sit down restaurant specializes in chicken, it also, probably does not transport well. Casual fast restaurants tend to have a better ability to keep it fresher during transportation.

Numerous food choice options

One of the best parts about eating at a restaurant is that there are so many different restaurant themes to choose from. If you are in the mood for Mexican, you can choose a Mexican restaurant. If you are in the mood for Italian, there are probably numerous Italian options nearby. Casual fast restaurants also come in a variety of different themed options. One of the most common, however, is chicken themed restaurants and for good reason. In 2015, the U.S. consumed 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita. Yet, if you are not in the mood for chicken, simply choose one of the many other themed casual fast choices.

The food and restaurant industry is huge in the United States. Food and drink sales of the restaurant industry in the United States were forecasted to exceed 683 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. When you are wondering where to eat, you have many different options and probably choose one based on price, convenience, and menu options. The next time you are hungry and in a time crunch, forgo the fast food and try one of the local casual fast restaurants. You may be surprised at the quality and price and have a new, preferred type of restaurant to eat at.

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