Chefs, Are You Hopeless At Plating? These Tips Can Help!


Growing micro greens indoors

Do you want to prepare foods that look and taste like they were made by a professional chef? Are you a professional chef working for a restaurant — and looking to kick things up a notch? You’re in luck. There are plenty of simple, yet effective ways, professional chefs, bakeries, and restaurants can elevate all dishes from plain to visually stunning. Here are some key pointers.

Remember, Microgreens Are Your Friend

When plating or otherwise arranging foods for aesthetics, you need to carefully consider two things: color and texture. Microgreens often help you add a simple — and instant — color pop. Dress up bland proteins or even eggs or egg whites with bold, bright greens, for example. They also help vary texture. Pairing microgreens with soup, for example, will help make the dish visually engaging, and — to put it plainly — a whole lot more interesting.

Don’t Go Too Crazy

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. One professional chef recommends reigning in creativity and ensuring that you use just the right amount by also thinking about what’s not on the plate. Take advantage of white space on a plate. If food is already a relatively bold color, such as yellow, pink, or orange, it might be best to leave as much white or negative space as possible. “Negative space always enhances the plate and enhances the perspective of the food,” Yahoo Food writes.

Add Sophistication To Desserts

Are your desserts looking a bit drab? You can easily fix that — and add a noticeable level of sophistication — with candied flowers, crystallized flowers, or edible flowers. Candied flower blossoms are often coated in a layer of coarse sugar, giving them the appearance of being covered in frost or a delicate layer of snow or ice. Edible flowers, on the other hand, are ordinary flowers that can be safely consumed. Add rose petals to champagne, for example, to accompany dessert at a special occasion, like a wedding.

Make your appetizers, meals, and desserts look enviably sophisticated and elegant. Carefully consider texture, negative space, and edible flowers when plating your menu items.

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