Choose the Most Effective Food Packaging Equipment to Store and Preserve Your Products


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On a global basis, shoppers make a conscious effort to purchase brands from companies that demonstrate social and environmental awareness. In fact, 52% claim to study packaging to make sure it reflects these brands.

Recycling is an integral part of being socially and environmentally-conscious. In the United States, for example, around 148 million people take advantage of local plastics recycling programs.

When purchasing food packaging equipment for your business, have you considered a form fill seal machine, a vertical form fill seal machine, and a pouch filling machine? If you already have these machines, then you know how effective they can be for storing and preserving your products.

When food is packaged and stored properly, it makes a difference in ensuring product safety standards. It also reduces waste and reduces costs.

For each pound of plastic packaging, according to packaging experts, food waste can be reduced up to 1.7 pounds. Furthermore, when vacuum sealers are used, food will last longer than when storied in plastic containers or bags. In fact, food products can last three-to-five times longer.

The way beverages are stored has also changed over the past decades. Since 1977, two-liter soft drink bottles have been reduced in weight. These bottles used to weigh 68 grams and now weigh 47 grams a piece.

Reducing the weight of these two-liter bottles has cut down on costs as well as waste. In 2006, for example, over 180 million pounds of packaging was saved as a result of reducing the weight of these soft drink bottles.

To offer a comparison, if you produce beverages like water, juice, or soda, two pounds of plastic will contain ten gallons. If you used aluminum, however, you’d need three pounds to contain that same ten gallons. If you used steel containers, then you would need eight pounds, and with glass containers, you would need 40 pounds. This is a substantial difference in weight as well as cost.

As a business that uses food packaging equipment to preserve and store your products, you want to ensure these products retain their quality. Furthermore, you want to do your best to be socially and environmentally conscious by reducing excess packaging.

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