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Americans always love a good lunch or dinner, and best of all, the varied ethnic makeup of the U.S. means an equally colorful variety of food to try out. The Unites States is a nation of immigrants, where anyone from around the world may start a new life there, which extends to the kitchen, too. There is no “typical” American food, and a food enthusiast may be glad for that. Rather, someone looking for lunch may find nearly anything in their home city from Asian catering services to upscale Latin American restaurants to Greek food or falafel food, or even Indian food or fine French cuisine. A person needs to do little more than try an online search when they are looking for lunch or dinner in a new city, and part of the fun of visiting a new city is seeing the restaurants there. Some parts of the U.S. emphasize some food types in particular, such as upscale Latin food in Florida or Asian foods along the West Coast. Someone in Buffalo, New York may search “restaurants on main street buffalo” to start out. That can be easily refined to something such as “thai restaurants on main street buffalo” or “best latin restaurants on main street buffalo”.

Asian Cuisine of All Sorts

It may be tempting to lump together Asian cuisine into one whole, which boils down to “rice and chopsticks.” By contrast, authentic Asian cuisine comes in a wide variety of flavors and styles for any restaurant patron’s delight, and some restaurants specialize in one type. There are only broad and general trends among Asian food, such as widespread rice cultivation. Where to start? Chinese food is often popular, and ranks among the major ethnic foods in the United States along with Mexican, Greek, and Italian. Chinese cuisine has five traditional flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy, and chicken, duck, pork, and beef are common meat in Chinese food. Many popular sauces such as orange or General Tso’s may be used, along with many different vegetables and noodle types. Chinese food is often associated with cheap fast food, but finding an upscale Chinese restaurant may be a whole different experience. Finding this may mean a search such as “upscale chinese restaurants on main street buffalo” or “best chinese restaurants in portland orgeon.”

Asian food doesn’t stop there. Thai food also proves popular, often making use of noodles, chicken, peanut sauce, and red peppers, among other ingredients to make a flavor distinct from Chinese food. And Japanese food is also quite distinctive, from ramen and soba noodles to teriyaki beef all the way to world-famous sushi. While sushi had its origins in China, it is mainly associated with Japan, featuring raw fish and calamari with sticky rice, seaweed, fish eggs, and other ingredients. Japan is home to dedicated sushi chefs who dedicate their entire careers to making this food, and some of them may work and live in the United States too, to the delight of any guests in their restaurants. Not everyone relishes the idea of raw meat, but enthusiasts can find sushi restaurants easily. They are advised, though, to make sure any seller is reputable and completely sanitary. Sushi is not a food to buy cheaply from questionable places. By contrast, very good sushi from a fine restaurant may be a real and authentic treat.

Order Some Catering

Not everyone is looking to sit down at a restaurant. Some consumers are looking for lunch at a large event, such as a charity sports event, a large birthday party, a wedding, or more. This is where catering comes in, and any good caterer in the area will deliver a truck or van loaded with a lot of food. The guests at an event might vote on what sort of food to get, if the organizers haven’t decided already. Options range widely, from barbecue to Mexican food to Asian food of all kinds, such as Chinese and Thai. Finding them may be easy, such as an online search like “good chinese catering san diego CA”. Caterers may also provide napkins and plates, drinks and cups, cutlery or, in the case of Asian catering, perhaps some wooden chopsticks, too.

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