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Beef has long been a popular source of meat protein for American consumers. The beef industry is well established through the United States and employs many small farmers. According to one report, there are over 900,000 cattle and calf operations throughout the United States. Of those, approximately 91% are family-owned beef farms and ranches. Additionally, 11% are women-operated farms and ranches.

While who owns the farms may not have a direct impact on the quality of the beef, it is an insight into the importance of the beef industry. The majority of meat is not coming from a nameless corporation making the rich richer. It is coming from hard working Americans that have put their lives into their farming operation.

Cattle are one of the big four. The livestock “big four” is cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. These four make up the vast majority of animals raised for food. While there are still niche farms raising other types of animals for food, these four are the most common by far. They are also the easiest to cook and the most economical making them a family favorite.

Animal protein has high nutritional value and is an important part of most diets. For example, it contains all eight essential amino acids that are needed for growth. The protein content of lean, cooked beef is in the ballpark of 26%, which is high. While it is certainly possible to get a healthy amount of protein from other sources, it is not as high impact as getting protein from beef.

One study suggest that grass fed beef is high in protein but low in fat, which means it requires roughly 30% less cooking time. This reduces energy needed while also offering a healthy source of protein. Grass fed beef is often touted as not only being healthier but also better for the environment, and some may argue they can taste the difference.

Both grass fed and grain fed cattle offer an important source of protein and amino acids. They are both also very versatile. The range of cuts and options is nearly endless from simple ground meat to high end steaks, cattle offers something for everyone. Additionally, both can be purchased in bulk meat packages.

Grass fed beef may be more expensive depending on where you live and the availability of a local meat market. However, many shoppers are turning to online meat sales in order to get exactly what they want. You can purchase bulk meat packages catered exactly to what you want and what you know your family will eat.

Bulk meat packages or meat bundles enable you to order food online for a good price and have it delivered fresh to your door. Shipping meat is completely safe an convenient offering you an alternative option to shopping around and fighting your way through stores. It also gives those living in areas where grass fed beef is not an option the availability of eating the way they want to eat.

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