How to Choose Your New Favorite Wine


In 2016 the entire U.S. drank just under 950 million gallons of wine. Clearly, wine is a beloved alcoholic drink, as it has been painted, drawn, filmed, and the subject of poetry. Yet it can be difficult for the average person to choose a new bottle when faced with the wall of pretty labels in the wine aisle of the nearest store. While wine flavor profiles are known for having particularly flowery yet confusing adjectives, choosing the best bottle of wine for you is really quite simple.

Search “Wineries Near Me” to Get an Idea of What You Like.

Some wine drinkers stick to one type, such as pinot noir only. Others take it so far as to only drink one type of wine from a specific wine maker. Both these scenarios show people who are very comfortable in their choices, or who are bluntly stuck in a bit of a rut. But what if you haven’t really tried much wine? If you are unsure what type of wine you might like, then you’ll need some point of reference for comparison before moving forward.

Don’t Bother With the Wine Aisle at the Store Just Yet.

If you head straight to the store you’ll get confused, end up with any bottle that looks cool, and take a gamble with the taste profile. The whole endeavor might be fun, or it might discourage you from seeking out new experiences. This is the wrong way to go about it.

Instead, take the time to run an internet search for ‘wineries near me,’ which should pull up some promising results. If the nearest winery is far away, make it a getaway trip and take a few friends. You’ll be able to tour the vineyards and maybe take a picnic along too.

The Goal Is to Find a Wine You Enjoy Drinking.

A 2017 study on the wine drinking habits of adults found that only 5% drink wine at least once a day. These are the consumers who know what they like. The people who could use a few pointers probably have had wine rarely, if at all.

Wine, for all of its ubiquity throughout history, can be intimidating for some people. It could be the elegant glasses used, or the pomp and circumstance with which a bottle is sometimes poured in fine dining establishments. But finding a good wine does not need to be seen as some complicated code to be cracked.

What Are the Characteristics of Wines?

The average person is aware of white wines and red wines, yet this is an incredibly simplified blueprint of wines. There are dessert wines, such as port, sherry, or muscat. There are dry wines, fruity wines, blush wines, sparkling wines, or of course champagne.

The reason it is a good idea to run that internet search for ‘wineries near me’ and heading to the nearest vineyard is to narrow down what type appeals to your taste buds. When you go to a wine tasting, you will have an entire menu of wines to sample, and there will be a tasting expert to help guide you in the right direction.

So which wine should you start with? What wine is the best? Truthfully, the best bottle of wine for you is the one you enjoy drinking. To find this mysterious and elusive bottle, you must take the time to investigate wine. Sample many varieties and brands, and don’t be afraid to find someone to help you along the way.

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