How To Make The Tastiest Salsa



Salsa is one of the all-time great dips. They seem to go with literally any occasion — a small get-together in your neighborhood, your first college party or just a relaxing evening with your cat and Netflix. The best part is salsa is not only delicious, it’s also diverse. It can have a wide variety of chunky cut vegetables and can range from your average mild salsa to the super spicy blends that get you panting. If you’re thinking of trying a new home recipe to spice up (or not!) an upcoming event, keep reading to learn about recipes using salsa, the origins of salsa and common tips and tricks.

So, What Is Salsa?

Salsa, which means ‘sauce’ in Spanish, were originally (and sometimes today!) made with a mortar and pestle. It uses a wide range of ingredients ranging from vegetables to fruits to create a thick, chunky sauce you can dip or spread. Today you can create it almost any way you please, from chopping to grinding to using a blender. Originating throughout Mexico and South America, salsa has become the de facto ingredient all over the world (and especially North America!) for public events and everyday life. Similar recipes include taco sauce, which is more smoothly blended than salsa and often used to supplement tacos or burritos, and guacamole, which is made with an avocado base. While sour cream is much beloved, if you’re looking to watch your calories you might want to try Greek yogurt dips.

Where Do I Start?

While salsa ranges from mild to spicy to very spicy, it can also be sweet or savory depending on the ingredients you use. The most beloved ingredients used to turn your tongue into fire are jalapenos, habanero and black pepper, with chili powder marrying well with beans and corn. Pineapple and mango are common fruits used to add a little zest to your sauce, while herbs like cilantro and mint can add some gentle and delicious contrast. You can also make salsa to go and pack it away in tupperware to dip your chips or sandwich while on lunch break! It makes a great snack for kids and can be kept in the fridge when you’re done. Now that you’ve got a taste for recipes using salsa, what kind are you going to make?

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