I Need A Delicious, Healthy Food Spread For My Upcoming Party What Are Some Good Catering Ideas?


Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when coming up with your next big event. You just need something that’s proven to turn heads and get people talking.

Mexican food is your one-stop shop on all things delicious. Taco catering is easily one of the most popular addition to any office event, party or wedding reception, giving people a little fun while ensuring they have a tasty meal that won’t be forgotten. Mexican ingredients are healthy, incorporating most or all of the major food groups, and taco pairings can easily fit alongside any drink specials or entrees you have in mind. Never ordered a Mexican catering menu before? It’s time to learn about the benefits of casual catering.

Here’s what a taco bar can do to bring your entire party together.

Mexican Food Is Incredibly Popular

Mexican dishes can be found just about anywhere. That’s because Mexican food remains the most popular form of ethnic cuisine in the West. A study on the popularity of certain dishes over others found nearly 235 million Americans using Mexican food and ingredients in 2016. It’s estimated one out of every 10 restaurants in the United States sells Mexican food and, as of 2017, there are nearly 60,000 Mexican restaurants in the country.

Planning For Parties Is Often Stressful

Even if you enjoy planning fun events, getting everything to fall into place can be quite stressful. You have schedules to organize, invitations to send out…that doesn’t even cover all the food and decorating you need to do. A recent study on weddings found over 50% of female respondents stating planning their wedding to be more stressful than imagined. They reported spending over 11 hours per week planning out all the details, including their food spread.

A Good Food Spread Ties Everything Together

The first thing you’ll likely notice when going to a birthday party or wedding reception is the decor. What sticks with you well after the event’s wrapped up, though? If you said event catering, you’re onto something. A delicious food spread gets people feeling good and gives them the energy they need to dance, chat and mingle the night away. There are over two and a half million weddings held every year, which doesn’t even cover all the corporate events, birthday parties and QuinceaƱeras. In other words, more than enough opportunities to try out a little Mexican food.

Food Should Be Healthy And Delicious

A major benefit of Mexican food are all the healthy ingredients. You can get a full serving of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat all in one hearty helping when you reach out to Los Angeles taco catering services. Salsa, in particular, has become the most popular condiment around the world, surpassing even ketchup and mayonnaise. Guacamole follows close behind, acting as both a tasty dip and a wonderful addition to any soft or hard taco. Whether your guests prioritize taste or health, everyone will walk away happy.

Everyone Loves Tacos

When you’re feeling the stress of planning starting to wear you down, shrugging off some of that responsibility to food catering services can really make all the difference. Tacos are easily one of the most popular food items in the United States, right up there with pizza and Chinese take-out, and come in many tasty forms. Americans consume over four billion soft and hard tacos every year, with varieties including vegetarian and vegan. Mexican catering services will deliver piping hot food right to your doorstep, neatly packaged and ready to go.

There’s no need to go overboard. Appreciate the classics and try out a taco bar for your next big thing.

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