Looking To Pizzazz A Dish? Sprinkle It With Edible Gold!


If you are looking to add some pizzazz to your organic food, why not try 24k edible gold? Yes, you read that right – 24k edible gold! This can turn heads at parties by taking your favorite organic foods and placing a few 24k gold leafs to glisten under the party lights. Before you go rushing to purchase a huge chunk of gold, let us explain why that isn’t a good idea.

24k Edible Gold – Emphasis On Edible

When gold travels through your digestive tract, your body absorbs nothing from it. This has led to it labeled as “biologically inert.” And its because of its biologically inert nature that makes it an excellent decorative choice, like flecks.

However, this doesn’t mean head to the nearest mine shaft and bite on a piece of gold, that is not recommended. Instead, why not head to the nearest store that provides it? Before buying, like any new purchase, you should research all edible gold products. Typically, they’re labeled “edible,” but you should also check the carats of gold it uses; if it’s between 22k edible gold and 24k edible gold, you’re good to go.

Like mentioned before, you can purchase edible gold in flecks, popular for sprinkling, but you can also edible gold leaf sheets. If you are baking a cake and need a large surface, try transfer sheets. Loose leaf edible gold is great for decorating candy or creating golden leafs.

Complimenting Edible Gold With Organic Foods

If you’re looking to make a statement, perhaps combining organic foods and edible gold is right up your alley. But what is organic?

Generally speaking, organic foods are grown and processed by certain methods. Every country has their own sets of regulations, however, organic foods in America are grown without bio-engineered genes, synthetic pesticides, sewage sludge-based fertilizers and petroleum-based fertilizers. When it comes to livestock, these animals should be roaming free outside, no growth hormones or antibiotics, nor can they be given animal by-products. This method of growing crops and raising livestock has led 76 percent of Americans to purchase organic products solely for their health benefits. Every 30 days, 68 percent of Americans will buy organic food at least once, with 25 percent not buying it at all for one reason or another.

Vanilla beans are perfect for the baker in you, and even better, you can easily find organic vanilla beans, or vanilla extract. If you purchase vanilla extract, FDA specifies that a gallon of vanilla extracts should contain 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans. Out of 25,000 orchid varieties and 10,000 hybrids, strangely enough, vanilla is among the only edible fruit the orchid family actually produces, which then branches into three types of vanilla: Bourbon-Madagascar, Mexican and Tahitian.

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