Naked Cakes? Three New Wedding Cake Trends


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Did you know that the U.S. baking industry is worth about $30 billion? That’s a lot of money. And much of this money is going toward special occasion cakes. It’s not that surprising, considering that the average wedding cake costs about $543 today. With thousands of weddings taking place across the country each year, that number adds up.

Wedding cakes, in many ways, become a symbol of the wedding itself. If someone throws a very elaborate and expensive wedding, they’re not going to go stingy on the cake. Similarly, a more unique wedding — like a costumed wedding at Halloween — is going to likely involve a more outlandish cake. Are you thinking about getting custom made cakes for your wedding? Here are three new trends that have resulted in some pretty unique wedding cakes this year.

1. Edible Lace

In keeping with a return to vintage-style decorations, edible lace has experienced a growing popularity. It allows cakes to get a stylish touch without adding extensively to the budget, since fake lace created out of edible paper and/or icing is easy to produce and lay onto cakes.

2. Sugar Flowers

For a while, real flowers were fairly popular additions to custom wedding cakes. However, real flowers have the disadvantage of being inedible, which isn’t always a popular feature for cakes. Instead, sugar art flowers look like flowers while still providing a tasty, sugary treat for wedding-goers. Their handcrafted nature only adds to the charm of the cake.

3. Naked Cakes

They might sound scandalous, but naked cakes actually offer a fresh take on the time-old cake. These cakes lack the sugary frosting heaped onto cakes traditionally. Instead, they rely on only a center filling and the richness of the cake to provide a pleasing dessert. Since the cake itself is laid bare for anyone to see, less traditional and seasonal cake flavors like pistachio, pumpkin and carrot are popular with this cake style. It is often decorated with fresh fruit. These cakes need to be prepared by wedding cake shops close to the event day, though, or they dry out.

What trendy custom made cakes have you seen recently? Let us know in the comments. More research here.

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