Purchasing a New or Gently Used Reefer Trailer


It is vital that any nation can transport freight by land, ocean, and air, and this job is done with vehicles like cargo ships, jets, trains, and trucks. Larger carrier firms can transport freight by ship or rail to make large deliveries, and cargo jets are a strong option if a fast delivery is needed, such as an overnight delivery to an island nation in the Caribbean. But most carrier firms are small and can’t afford jets or ships, so instead, they make use of semi trucks, and these trucks offer a number of advantages. They are much easier for the carrier and shipper alike to afford, and they can travel nearly anywhere via road, and don’t need trails, airports, or ship docks to make a delivery. Trucks can deliver raw goods, manufactured goods, and foodstuffs alike in their trailers, and in the case of perishable cold food, refrigeration units known as reefer trailers are used. What is a reefer trailer, exactly, and how can a carrier company owner buy a reefer trailer? Finding used and new reefer trailers for sale can be done, but it should be handled carefully. Even cheaper new reefer trailers for sale can be costly, after all.

Reefer Units and Their Work

A reefer trailer is a fairly simple idea: it is a semi truck trailer equipped with one or more air conditioner units that can chill the air inside, and these trailers also have insulation in their walls so they can maintain that temperature even on a hot day. Such trailers can generate a temperature anywhere from -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or so, depending on the needs of the goods inside (typically diary, frozen foods, and meat for grocery stores). The size of these trailers is variable, too; the smallest are around 28 feet long and the largest models are 53 feet in length, and they may be up to 13.5 feet tall and carry 44,000 pounds of cargo inside.

There is a robust market for reefer trailers, and that market is likely to keep growing in the coming years. In the United States alone, some 500,000 or so reefers are in operation, and more and more are being ordered every year. In January 2018, for a recent example, 40,000 reefers were ordered, according to FTR Transportation Intelligence data. Many more reefer trucks are used around the world, and as of 2016, the global refrigeration market weighed in at $5 billion or so. Experts say that this market will grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2016 to 2022, to reach a value of $7.65 billion. This means that many carrier company owners will find it lucrative to find used or new reefer trailers for sale to add to their fleets, but of course, this should be done carefully, and that includes having a healthy financial life.

Finding Used and New Reefer Trailers for Sale

A carrier company owner may decide to buy a few reefer trailers to add to their company’s fleet, so they can expand their carrier options to include grocery stores and deliver perishable foods for them. This means looking online to find new and/or used reefers available for wholesale, which will vary in price, size, and condition. A buyer is urged to look over any trailer in person before making the purchase, so they can check for any outstanding issues (which is common for buying used trailers). Even a gently used trailer might have issues ranging from faulty wiring in the air conditioning to damaged axles or wheels all the way to faulty brake lights. But some used trailers may be in good enough condition so they can be a great deal, and new trailers, meanwhile, are more costly but are in perfect condition. They also come with factory warranties.

Rather than borrow from big banks, a carrier company owner can get a loan from a specialized truck lending firm. Such firms are more forgiving, but they will still check the lender’s business and personal credit scores and assess their financial history for any red flags. Even borrowers with iffy or bad credit scores may get approved for a loan, though with less favorable terms than if they had a good credit score.

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