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Ice cream, ever since its invention in the early 1900s, has proven itself a staple dessert or frozen treat across the United States and beyond, and in recent decades, a number of related desserts such as gelato, frozen sherbet, frozen yogurt, and more have emerged to appeal to the huge market for frozen sugary treats, and each different kind has different ingredients and ways to serve them. In fact, ice cream itself can be served in all sorts of ways, from classic waffle cones to cups or small bowls with plastic spoons and straws, based on the customer’s preference, and even a Popsicle store may have the kind of frozen treats a customer may want. In some parts of the United States that are often warm, such as Texas, Florida, and southern California, ice cream may be popular year-round, and many specialized ice cream stores may be found in a person’s area. Finding the next frozen treat may be as simple as exploring a new area and searching “ice cream Coral Gables” into an Internet search, and a tourist looking for a frozen snack may also search “ice cream Coral Gables” or “ice cream downtown Miami” when visiting Florida during the spring or summer. The best desserts in Miami may not be far off.

Ice Cream Today

Ice cream is a large portion of the food industry, and it can be served in all sorts of ways. Americans love to have this treat; it is estimated that at any given moment, 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer, and on average, an American citize4n will eat 48 pints of ice cream every year. In the year 2014, just to name one example, Americans ate 22.8 pounds per person of ice cream. And ever since early 2010, yearly sales of ice cream in the United States have always exceeded $10 billion, showing just how popular this treat is, and related frozen treats may not be far off.

Ice cream can be served either hard or soft serve. What does this mean? Hard serve ice cream is stored at a lower temperature than soft serve, and it has more air mixed into it, while soft serve is creamier and stored at a slightly higher temperature. What is more, based on preference, a customer may get their ice cream either in a cone or a cup. Cones offer the advantage of a classy and vintage look, and they are popular image choices for Instagram and Pinterest and similar platforms. The cone itself is edible, a dry and gently sweet contrast to the ice cream itself. Cones can be messy, though, and the ice cream may soon melt or even fall off. Cups, meanwhile, are pain to look at but they are convenient and contain any potential messes, and a customer can use their spoon to mix different ice cream flavors and condiments in them. An ice cream cup or bowl also allows the customer to store their frozen treat later in the freezer, since it already came in a container.

Searching “ice cream Coral Gables” may reveal any number of local ice cream parlors, big or small, and any proper parlor will have a wide variety of flavors and condiments such as crushed cookie bits or candy or sprinkles, and both waffle cones and cups should be available, too. A person can search “dessert Miami” when visiting if they want a more flexible range of desserts than baseline ice cream, and “soft serve ice cream Coral Gables” is one idea, but there is more out there waiting to be tried out.

Gelato is a variety of ice cream with less air and fat, and it is always served in a cup with a spoon. Its rich and creamy texture makes it highly appealing, and comes in a moderate range of flavors for customers to try out. Frozen yogurt may even have bacteria cultures (harmless and edible) to enhance flavor, and Popsicles are a classic treat on a wooden stick for kids during a hot Florida summer. Other patrons might try out frozen sherbet, which often has fruit flavors, and it may be available at some ice cream parlors.

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