The Potent Plant That’s Becoming Popular With Both Chefs and Mixologists


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Want to add a unique accent to your menu or cocktail offerings in 2016? Then it’s time to go green, literally.
Petite microgreens were first introduced by European chefs just 20 years ago, but in the last 10 years they’ve been growing in popularity in the U.S. as well. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the culinary world, then it’s time to discover the potent flavor of organic microgreens. Just don’t mistake these specialty produce items for garnishes or sprouts, but instead use them to add a powerful punch to cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
Like vegetables, microgreens are a broad category of plants, including herbs, miniature vegetables, petite greens, edible flowers, and more. True microgreens are young plants, carefully cut just above the soil line, leaving you with a one to one and a half inch stem, leaf pair, and undeveloped leafs. While micro greens are small by definition, they have an intense flavor profile. Some of the most popular varieties of microgreens and organic microgreens include micro cucumber greens, micro basil nutmeg, petite mustard greens, micro wasabi, and a variety of citrus flavored greens that are perfect for desserts and cocktails.
As with any trendy new green, some overenthusiastic organic foodies will inevitably claim these tiny greens are the latest “super food,” a claim that has not yet been proven by anyone. Plus, the term “super food” is now so vague and amorphous to be effectively meaningless. What we do know for certain is that these plants are delicious accents that are becoming a popular addition to fine dining dishes and catering menus all over the country.
And while more chefs begin incorporating organic microgreens into their menus, either as an accent or ingredient, the world of mixology has recently discovered these potent plants as well. In recent years, American mixologists have begun using micro herbs and greens in their signature cocktail creations. For anyone searching for a fresh new ingredient to spice up their mimosas, organic sangria recipe, cucumber-gin cocktails, mojitos, and more, organic microgreens offer a wide range of flavors and herbs to play with, while also providing a splash of natural color to the drink, too.
So if you don’t want your menu to get left behind, then start looking for bold microgreens to add to your recipes.

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