The Top Three Ways to Make Your Hummus That Much Healthier


Hummus dips

1. Spice it Up with Other Things

While you may be the biggest hummus fan in town, easy hummus recipes with only different types of hummus will leave you a little dissatisfied. Try adding in beans or peppers to give a little more flavor to your recipes with hummus spread as well as some extra nutrition. Different types of hummus can be delicious, but they can only go so far!

2. Small Portions

You might be eager to try different types of hummus, but sometimes the best way to get healthier hummus is to cut down on the hummus calories in the meal. All good things must come in moderation to remain good things, so just be aware of how much you’re putting on your plate. Over zealousness can end up turning too much of a good thing into a bad thing!

3. Be Aware of When You Eat

On the same note as being aware of how much you eat, you should try to be away of when you are eating. Eating immediately before long periods of activity or inactivity can leave you with an unhealthier meal than you might have had. Whether your digestion is interrupted by activity or whether the food sits in your stomach and doesn’t move through the digestive track correctly because you are sleeping, you can be left with inefficient digestion. Try to find times where you will not immediately be exercising, but will be moving around soon after to eat. How will you help your diet be healthy? More like this.

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