Three Awesome Ways to Step Your Guacamole Game Up


Fresh guacamole dips

There are few snacks superior to guacamole, but, like all things, there’s always room for improvement. After eating too much of the same type of recipe, any guac may start to feel a little… average. Instead, try reigniting your love for the delicious dip with these three tips!

Add Some Unconventional Ingredients.

What better way to make even better fresh guacamole dips than to add some surprising guacamole ingredients? Why not try adding bacon and cheese to your fresh guacamole? Or perhaps consider some alternative types of veggies, like roasted corn, kale, or quinoa. You could even add some tangy fruits, like pomegranates, to make a surprising breed of fresh guacamole.

Serve It in a Unique Way.

Sure, everyone loves tortillas and guacamole, or even pretzels and guacamole, but they’re just what everyone has come to expect. Instead, why not try serving your fresh guacamole in a bread bowl? That way, you not only have a delicious thing for yourself and your guests to eat your fresh guacamole with, but you have even less to clean up!

Try Grilling the Avocados.

Believe it or not, you can grill avocados. If you do, and then use them to make fresh guacamole, you’ll have a surprising, new, flavor packed variety of dip to eat. All you have to do to grill an avocado is cut them down the center, get the pit out, and scoop out the flesh, which you should try to do in one big piece. Then, put them on an outdoor grill, or an indoor grill, or even a panini press for about five minutes. Then mash them up with a fork like you would in most classic guacamole recipes. You may also want to consider grilling your other veggies, too, for an even more flavorful concoction.

Guacamole is good just about any time, unless you start to eat too much of it. Luckily, you can avoid getting sick of the good stuff by switching things up. If you know of any other awesome tips, feel free to share in the comments.

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