Three Things You May Not Have Known About Hummus Nutrition Facts


Hummus nutrition

If you’ve been searching for a food that works as a healthy meal or a nutritious snack, look no further than hummus. Hummus, which is made from chickpeas, tahini, and other great ingredients, is known for its heart-healthy properties the world over. It can be eaten in sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even warm dishes like couscous.

Different types of hummus can vary, so hummus nutrition facts aren’t always the same. However, here are some of the benefits of eating hummus that everyone can experience, no matter which kind they like:

Hummus is low in fat and calories.

One thing that most people tend to notice right away about hummus nutrition facts is that they reveal how low in fat and calories a serving of hummus is. Two tablespoons of hummus is generally around 100 calories or so, and it typically has very little fat and no cholesterol. Yet while these are good reasons alone to choose to eat hummus, they aren’t the only reason to do so.

Hummus gives you the nutritional benefits you need.

Fat and calories aren’t everything when it comes to healthy eating. If you look at the hummus nutrition facts on a container of hummus spread, you’ll see that these foods also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, and they serve as an adequate source of protein. Just two spoonfuls of hummus each day will give you your daily recommended amount of legumes (like chickpeas) in your diet, which is necessary for a balanced diet.

Hummus is perfect for a number of special diets.

Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy hummus because it contains no animal byproducts. Hummus is also low in carbohydrates, meaning that it is appropriate for those who are diabetic, and hummus is typically gluten and wheat free for those interested in anti-inflammatory diets. Finally, hummus is also heart healthy. Those who eat legumes four times a week instead of just once have a 22% lower risk of developing chronic heart disease, and they have an 11% lower risk of heart disease.

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