Why Americans Like Pizza And You Should Too


Late-night munchies got you craving pizza goodness? Trying to feed a hungry crowd? There are many reasons why you may be searching online for ‘best cheap pizza delivery near me’ or ‘who has the tastiest bacon pizza near me?’ Whatever the reason, when you are craving pizza, delivery is one of the most common options available for fast and convenient service.

You can also look online for coupons and specials and see if there are any pizza deals today, or whenever it is that you need the food delivered. The speed and convenience of delivery have only continued to grow, and it remains one of the most in-demand services provided by restaurants today. Most areas have multiple pizza shops and additional restaurants that also feature their own take on the popular meal, so options and variety should not be an issue!

It may take some time, but making a few phone calls and checking online can help you find the best local pizza deals and discover the best-tasting pizza in your area. So, check out the options that are available and discover your new favorite pizza today!

If you’re wondering where to find the best pizza, you are certainly not alone. Almost 100% of one thousand Americans who were surveyed said that they enjoy pizza, and more than 90% of all Americans order pizza at least once a month, if not more frequently. In fact, in just one year alone, nearly 3 billion pizzas are sold around the country and more than three hundred slices of pizza are eaten every single SECOND in the United States alone.

For those wondering where to find the best pizza, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find your new favorite pizza place close to your home. First, you want to look for a pizza place that delivers. This should not be difficult, as more than 80% of all pizza places offer delivery services. Many pizza places will also often more than just pizza on their menu, and sub delivery is common at many pizza places now, just in case someone in your group has a hankering for a sandwich. A cold submarine sandwich has become a common menu item at many pizzerias, and it is as easy to find a delicious sub as it is to find delicious pizza when you wonder where to find the best pizza.

Pizza ingredients are also an important part of any pizza, and with more Americans becoming health conscious, this is more crucial than ever. Americans now consume more fresh foods than ever, so if you’re wondering where to find the best pizza, look for a pizza place that has fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Though pizza is not necessarily a health food, the addition of fresh vegetables can certainly make it closer to one, as well as even more delicious. For instance, green peppers and spinach are delicious on top of a pizza and other vegetables like chopped tomatoes and red peppers are classic toppings. Broccoli is surprisingly good on top of pizza, and fresh meats can add to a pizza as well. In fact, Americans consume over 250 million pounds of pepperoni every single year, the majority of it on top of pizzas. Simple cheese remains the most popular pizza topping (closely followed by pepperoni and sausage, which in turn are closely followed by toppings like mushrooms and bacon) but even within cheese there is a large variety to choose from. While the classic choice is mozzarella, asiago and parmesan are two other popular cheese choices for pizzas.

No matter how you like your pizza, be it with vegetables, with meat, or just cheese, the best ingredients for pizza are likely to be found at a pizza place near you, just a delivery order away.

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