3 Tips for Running a Successful Frozen Yogurt Joint


Custom frozen yogurt cups

Did you know that there are an estimated 2,500 plus frozen yogurt stores in the U.S.? If you want your store to be successful, there?s more to it than just opening your doors and serving up scoops. It?s a competitive industry, even if it is a fun one, and your months of sales are limited often by the weather. Here?s a few things you need to keep in mind for your frozen yogurt parlor.

Custom Frozen Yogurt Supplies

It can be very tempting to purchase the cheapest materials available in order to keep down your bottom line. But, custom frozen yogurt cups purchased wholesale don?t need to be crazy expensive. And the money they will make you through advertising your product, will more than make up for the couple extra cents per cup. Anytime people see others enjoying icecream on the street, they want to know where it came from. Proudly showing your label can mean they get more of yours, than your competitors?.

Promote the Frozen Yogurt Supply

Frozen yogurt is growing in popularity thanks to a surge in interest in healthy eating — even when it comes to sweet treats. Advertise the benefits of frozen yogurt over ice cream if it?s one of your main sales. This well help consumers feel like they are doing a ?good thing? when they eat your frozen yogurt, and not feel like they are breaking a promise to themselves. For your own part, offer healthy options (lower fat, fresh fruit toppings, etc.) in order to further reinforce the idea that it?s not all heavy cream and chocolate where you are.

Keep a Clean Space

It sounds obvious, but in the everyday rush it can often be forgotten, especially if there?s no clear designation when it comes to who is supposed to clean up various table spills, etc., and frozen yogurt can certainly get messy. Make sure all the tables at your parlor are adequately supplied with napkins, to begin with. Not only should the storefront be clean, but your equipment should be as well. Unclean equipment can not only encourage bacteria, but it could also affect the taste and smoothness of your ice cream (especially if you use a machine, rather than scooping). Give options for lids as well. Although many people don’t think of lids and frozen yogurt as going together, this can be an important way to prevent messy spills, especially when kids are involved.

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