4 Surprising Reasons Why Ice Cream is Good for You


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Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. But can you be healthy and happy at the same time? Of course you can. They say that your taste buds will eventually begin to like healthy food. That’s what they say, anyway. There are so many great foods out there, aren’t there? Kale smoothies, roasted broccoli, lean fish with no butter, oil or anything that remotely tastes good. It’s all so good for our bodies but do they really make us happy? Think about a time when you were digging into a leafy green salad. Did it make you stop and sigh in contentment at the deliciousness of such a food? Probably not. But remember the last time you got out one of those plastic ice cream cups and went to town? Now, that’s happiness. Here are some reasons that we should indulge in those plastic ice cream cups a little more often:

  1. Eating ice cream is actually a workout.
    There you have it! The only reason you need to eat all the ice cream you want. It works your jaw as you eat it, it contracts your cheek muscles as you smile while working the abs if you actually laugh, not to mention the elevated heart rate. The best way to workout is not even realize that you are working out. That’s exactly what ice cream will do to you. Plus, you have to lift your arms and hands to your mouth which works out the biceps and then you are practicing small motor control skills by deftly handling the spoon in a proper manner. Form is crucial and when done right, ice cream is a full body workout.

  2. Ice cream gives you a lot of energy with the caffeine.
    Not only does it give you a lot of energy, the effect is almost immediate. You’ll be surprised at how much you will be able to get done after you finish a bowl of that creamy goodness. You’ll probably be so active that you’ll end up just crashing out and taking a nap after your done because of all the energy you expended. Some people call it a sugar high but truth is, energy is energy and when you are a busy person, you get it where you can.

  3. Ice cream fights depression in women.
    Why do you think all the movies show women downing a tub of ice cream after a bad break up? Ice cream contains happy properties that make women forget about their problems when they have that bowl and spoon in hand. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to have the same helpful effect on men but maybe that’s because women are more in tune to their emotional needs and can feel the effects of ice cream on their mood and hormones.

  4. Just a spoonful does the trick.
    This might be true but have 12 or more spoonfuls does even better tricks. Plastic ice cream cups are just the right serving size to make you want just a little bit more. So, have some more. Make yourself feel good. That’s really what life is all about. Take some plastic ice cream cups and share them around. You will be sure to be the center of the popularity contests at work when you bring those bad boys in to share with your co workers.

Here you have four perfectly acceptable reasons to have a bowl of ice cream right now. While these may have no research or studies to back them up and medical professionals may disagree, tummies know what they are talking about and the tummies we interviewed say that ice cream is good for the soul. Before you scoff, try a little and see if you don’t fill up with happiness and contentment with life. It’ll be such a better experience then if you fill up on spinach wraps and quinoa that lack the creamy texture and sweet, loving flavor of any kind of ice cream. If you still choose your greens over creams, then all the power to you but just know that there is a chance you could be happier than you are right now. All you have to do is grab a spoon.

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