Is Eating Chocolate Better For Your Health?


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Is there anything better than chocolate? There is actually: baking chocolate into cookies and cakes. Even scientists over the years have attempted to the daunting task of proving why it is okay for us to eat our chocolaty treats guilt-free. And they have come through, but with a stipulation: if you are going to eat chocolate, eat organic dark chocolate. It is for your health, honestly.

Is Milk the Villain In the Chocolate Game?

Professional chocolate makers, or chocolatiers, know that the best chocolate is pure, with no fillers or added ingredients to muddy its true flavors. This means, sadly, that the Halloween candy you look forward to buying each year is not at all of the same caliber of organic dark chocolate. The cheap stuff is overwhelmingly regarded as tasty though, as the nearly 90 million pounds that are purchased each Halloween prove. If you think it is American children who are responsible for all of that candy, think again. The U.S is responsible for a mere 20% of international chocolate consumption. Europe, on the other hand, can be attributed with 50% of the world’s chocolate retail sales.

Why is Organic Dark Chocolate Better Than a Mars Bar?

Good organic dark chocolate, especially 70% or 100%, is made differently than the bars of candy you see in line at the supermarket. The percentage tells you how much of the bar is made from cocoa solids, which are comprised of the cocoa butter, the cacao nib, the cocoa powder, and the cocoa liquor. So a 70% bar of organic dark chocolate is 70% organic cocoa bean (in essence), and 30% sugar. And that is where the health benefits lye. No, not in the sugar. In the antioxidant-rich, organically grown, cocoa bean.

Find a Good Bar of Chocolate Before Buying It in Bulk.

Just because scientists determined that organic dark chocolate is better for you than a generic milk chocolate bar does not mean you should assume they are similar because they are both chocolate. While chocolate does provide an immediate sense of pleasure and well-being, your own well-being would best be served by chocolate if it consumed in small doses.

Still wondering what the best dark chocolate to indulge in is? A bar of chocolate is regarded as “dark” if it has a cocoa percentage of 65% or higher. And organic is a nice perk too. But what matters most is that you enjoy whichever bar of chocolate you choose. Life is too short to eat cheap chocolate.

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