A Look At The Catering Industry Of The United States


If you are hosting a large event such as a wedding reception or even an important birthday party celebration, it is likely that you will need to hire a catering service. From wings to fine dining options, catering services (depending on each individual catering company) truly do it all. They often provide both the set up and the clean up, and prepare and plate the food (depending on the style of food service, whether it is a seated dinner or a buffet set up). From wings and ribs (comfort food) to steak, catering services have become more highly utilized than ever before in the United States.

The catering industry has been an important source of jobs for those in the food service industry, from cooks to waitstaff, especially has the catering industry has experienced wide scale growth in recent years past. In fact, the catering industry of the United States now employs a total of more than two hundred and sixty thousand, and this number of those employed in the field of catering is expected to increase in the coming years. By the time we reach the year of 2021, after all, the catering industry is expected to have experienced a total growth of at least four percent since the year of 2016, not only in the United States but in the fields of catering and food service around the world as a whole.

Catering services can be utilized for smaller parties but are particularly ideal for larger ones. This is because, even if you are the best chef in the world, cooking for more than one hundred people on their own is a feat that not many people can accomplish. The average catering company, on the other hand, is prepared to handle parties of as many as two hundred and fifty people in all – and some may even be able to handle even greater numbers of party guests. For those hosting lavish and extensive weddings and wedding reception, hiring an experienced and well reviewed catering service is probably one of the best options for food service.

And the food that the average catering service provides ranges from wings to fancy plated meals. More and more people are turning to comfort food as their ideal food choice, which will often include wings, ribs, and mac n cheese. It is important to remember that your event is yours to do what you want with, and that if you are a huge fan of wings, there is no problem with having them even in a formal event. In fact, more and more weddings parties are providing late night snacks before the wedding reception ends. The food provided for such a purpose is typically less fancy, and will include offerings of food such as wings and french fries. Some newly married couples will even provide pizza for their partying guests.

And weddings are not the only event where catering is widely utilized. In fact, though the average caterer will cater over seventy weddings in just one year, they will have, on average, more than two hundred and thirty other events to cater as well. Such other events often include that of the birthday party, the graduation party, or the anniversary party. The size of these events is likely to be smaller, but will range significantly from individual client to individual client. An office party is also often a catered event, as this is a great way to meet the dietary needs of as many office members as possible.

No matter what you are catering, from a wedding reception to an office party and no matter what is being served, from prime rib to chicken wings, catering services are there to help make party planning (and indeed life itself) all the easier.

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