A Look At The Popularity Of Beer In The United States


Here in the United States, there is no doubt about it – we love beer. In fact, when it comes to legal drinkers in the United States (those who are over the age of twenty one), nearly half said that they prefer to drink beer as an alcoholic beverage when given a choice between beer or wine and spirits. And nearly fifteen percent of all United States residents have at least one beer a week – and many have even more than that, consuming a total of nearly thirty gallons of beer and cider in the year of 2015 alone – and even more in the years since.

We love all types of beer, but craft beer and beer from independent breweries are becoming more popular and, in turn, more accessible to the general population of beer drinkers. Domestically made beers have similarly risen in prominence, with a total of eighty five percent of all beers found in the United States now domestically produced. Craft beer in particular has risen in prominence, now making up more than ten percent of the overall market in the beer industry at large in the United States. And the craft beer market in this country alone is now worth more than twenty three million dollars – and is still growing.

The prevalence and prominence of craft beer not only comes from a desire to support domestic and local breweries – of which there are now more than four thousand, a greater number than at any other point in the entire history of this country, but because of the diversity that craft breweries offer. From taking home a 64 ounce growler to taking home a stainless steel beer growler, craft breweries offer beers to enjoy there and to bring home. Bringing home a 64 ounce growler is a great way to take home a specialty beer that can’t easily be found elsewhere, and a 64 ounce growler is likely to make a great gift for a beer lover in your life as well.

By the 64 ounce growler isn’t the only perk of visiting a craft brewery. Many people visit craft breweries because of the attention to detail that is found there. The beer is brewed on site, and is carefully made to encompass a wide variety of flavors – many varieties of beer that are unique to that brewery and that brewery alone. While you can take home your favorite in a 64 ounce growler, a 64 ounce growler or other type of unique growler like a personalized growler or a mini keg growler will be the only way to enjoy the beer at home.

Enjoying beer is something that is as American as apple pie, as the American dream. Beer in the United States has long been a drink over which friendships were forged and bonds made. Beer is often the preferred way to relax after a long day of work, and now there are more ways to enjoy more varieties of beer than ever before. Beer makes a great gift as well, such as an insulated stainless steel growler from a local brewery. If you know that someone important in your life loves a specific type or types of craft beer, picking up insulated growlers for them is an easy and thoughtful way to show how much you care about them. And picking up a growler for yourself is a great way to practice self care as well, as beer is enjoyed both near and far, in this country and even far beyond it.

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