A Look At The World Of Ice Cream And Other Frozen Treats In the United States


From the ice cream cup to the ice cream cone to a gelato or frozen yogurt dessert, ice cream and other such frozen treats have long been hugely popular no matter where you might go in the country of the United States – and in many places far beyond it as well. In fact, ice cream (be it in an ice cream come or in a paper ice cream cup) is so popular that the typical person living in the United States will eat it more than twenty eight times in just one year, with as many as forty percent of the same people eating ice cream or another frozen treat, either out of a cone or a paper ice cream cup with a plastic spoon, at least once (if not even more often) in a two week period. And around ninety percent of all households all throughout the country claim that they regularly treat themselves to ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato.

Of course, ice cream consumption, be it from a traditional ice cream come or an ice cream cup, spikes during the summer months in the United States, when the temperatures climb and many areas of the country are often sweltering and very humid. Treating yourself to ice cream is the perfect way to officially say goodbye to winter and usher in the long summer to come, and it is no surprise that more ice cream and ice cream products (such as ice cream sandwiches or ice cream bars or even ice cream cakes) are produced in June than compared to any other month of the year with more than one and half gallons of various frozen desserts bought each and every year in the United States alone. And there are many ways in which to consume ice cream, and many varieties to choose from. Ice cream sundaes, either eaten with a spoon or drank from paper drinking straws, represent one such popular ice cream delight. Ice cream sundaes typically incorporate a number of toppings, and can be eaten by yourself or with the help of others, as they are truly rich and often are difficult to consume on your own. Milkshakes made with an ice cream base are also incredibly popular in the United States, and add the perfect complement to a burger and fries. Milkshakes now come in many different flavors, but the old standbys of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have remained ever popular. In fact, the flavor of vanilla is still the most preferred ice cream flavor of them all, at least in the United States, with very nearly thirty percent of all ice cream consumers saying that they would choose vanilla over any other flavor offered to them.

But what if you don’t love ice cream (either in an ice cream cup or in a cone) but are still looking to indulge in a frozen dessert treat every now and then? Or perhaps you do love ice cream but are looking to watch your weight and make more health conscious decisions? For such people, frozen yogurt provides a viable ice cream alternative and can be consumed in very much the same way, either eaten out of a cone or a paper ice cream cup. In fact, frozen yogurt has seen significant growth in the United States alone, with now more than two thousand and five hundred and eighty frozen yogurt shops currently in business all throughout the entirety of the country. Frozen yogurt has even become well liked by those who love ice cream as well, as the majority of all frozen yogurt shops allow you to choose your own toppings, which range from healthy options like fruits to more decadent options like chocolate sauce and caramel sauce as well as candy pieces. Your order is then charged by its weight, allowing you to create the dessert treat that not only fits your health goals, but your budget as well.

From ice cream cups to sundaes to build your own adventures in frozen yogurt stores, there are many ways in which you can indulge.

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