Desserts From Around the World


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Culturally, and perhaps psychologically, dessert seems to be a very important part of life. Whether we are picking up ice cream party supplies for a birthday party, or ordering something sweet and delicious after a fancy restaurant meal, we just can’t seem to turn down dessert. Many people, when thinking of that last sweet meal of the day, focus on cookies and cakes. But there are so many different desserts out there — and all over the world, people are eating desserts in ways important to their particular cultures.

Here’s a list of popular desserts around the world:

  1. America. In America, we love ice cream. While this may not be the most popular dessert in the country, it is certainly ranked high. Almost all households in the United States will indulge in the sweet, frozen treat. And to keep up with all this ice cream eating, over a billion gallons of ice cream are produced each year — particularly in the summer! Perhaps because ice cream is the perfect way to cool off on a hot, summer day, June is the month that most ice cream is produced.
  2. India. Rasmalai is a very popular Indian dessert, which is made from spongy balls of cottage cheese that are soaked in a thick milk. It generally provides a very subtly sweet flavor, with earthy flavors from ground cardamom and saffron.
  3. The Netherlands. Oliebollen is a popular Danish dessert that is generally eaten to celebrate the New Year. Think deep-fried doughnut holes with raisins, covered in powder sugar! Are you drooling yet?
  4. Brazil.One of Brazil’s most popular desserts is the Brigadeiro. This dessert is a soft, rich, and fudgey ball of chocolate that is covered in chocolate sprinkles. These desserts became popular around 1945, when a politician by the same name ran for office and his followers began selling the sweets to fundraise for his campaign.
  5. Turkey. Baklava is a famous dessert in Turkey. This dessert has been around for centuries with a murky history. Yet, today it has been perfected into a recipe of thin and flaky pastry crust, with chopped nuts on the inside. They are then drizzled with honey or syrup to finish the delicious and unique dessert.

Whether you want to pick yourself up some gelato, or bake a homemade cake, desserts are always delicious and an important part of any day! Why not try something new and exotic, like a dessert from a foreign country? You never know what delicious treats you may discover next!

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