All the Different Types of Beer, Explained


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Beer is a fantastic drink for all occasions, and is just as versatile as the people who drink it! There are plenty of beer brands and craft beer for any palate, any event, and any celebration. However, beer, which is just a mixture of water, hops, and barley is basically one large chemistry experiment that can result in different tastes, colors, alcohol content, and carbonations when it comes to a different mixture of the major ingredients. There are many types of beer, and read on to learn more so you will be an expert next time you go down to the local brewery.


Ales have a rich history originating in England and is created by brewing a top-fermenting yeast with water at room temperature. They are characterized by a large amount of hops and malt, and traditionally have a bitter taste and dark color. Different kinds include:

1. India Pale Ale: a bitter, yellow ale that is filled with hops.

2. Hefeweizen: created in Germany, this is an unfiltered beer created from wheat.

3. Irish red ale: Tastes and looks similar to tea, has roasted barley.

4. Porter: An incredibly dark and thick malt made with roasting the malt. These first came to prominence back in London.

5. Stout: The heaviest of all beers, and is quite thick and has a lot of white foam. Some common stout flavors include incorporating chocolate, oatmeal, coffee, peanut butter, and cream.


Compared to ales, lagers are brewed with cold water at colder temperatures for a long amount of time. They are used with bottom- fermented yeast, and in general taste lighter, milder, and have touches of fruit.

1. Pilsner: A yellow, light beer with a hoppy and bitter flavor.

2. American light beer: These are similar to pilsners, except they have a watered down taste and aren’t as rich in flavor.

3. Bock: A strong lager that is brewed for a thick flavor, and has roasted, nutty characteristics.

4. Marzen: Copper colored beer with a warm flavor but leaves a dry, bitter finish on the palate.

So the next time you are down at the brewery, consider all these types of beer before you order!

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