Bad Break Room Coffee Needs to Become a Thing of the Past


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A recent survey found that approximately 46% of workers believe that drinking coffee makes them more productive at the office. Anyone that has worked in such an environment has likely thought that the office coffee delivered straight to their desk would be nice. For some office environments, office coffee delivered on the regular to the employees is a possibility.

Coffee has been shown to improve concentration, moral. Coffee and tea are a standard fixture of the average break room. Companies that take the time to ensure the break room coffee is of a premium quality may actually see an interesting effect on their company culture. Here are a few factors to consider when revamping the coffee situation at work.

Why Coffee Has Become an Integral Part of Office Culture.

Most adults enjoy coffee, even if they do not drink it every day, although about 54% of American adults do find that they drink coffee every day. Those adults who do drink coffee each day usually consume an average 3.1 cups each day. But why are people drinking coffee with such regularity?

The Uplifting Benefits of Drinking Coffee.

The positive effects of drinking coffee have been studied for decades. The results are always interesting, and give further encouragement to those adults who would feel bereft without their morning cup or three of coffee. The good side effects include providing fiber, as one study found that one cup of coffee adds about 1.8 grams of fiber of the daily recommended 20 to 38 grams. Another study showed a 20% reduction in colorectal cancer in those who drink a moderate amount of cancer daily. Drinking coffee regularly is associated with improved concentration, which is something everyone appreciates especially at work.

Office Coffee Delivered: How to Improve the Break Room Experience.

Unless the company has primarily taken it upon themselves to provide superior coffee for employees, it is very likely the coffee on offer is subpar. It is very common for employees to spend their lunch break or other break time heading over to the nearest cafe to pick up a cup for themselves or even for a group. This eats up quite a bit of time running around and waiting, during a time that is meant to be a period of relaxing. Having office coffee delivered to the employees instead does two things. Firstly, the employees will know that they do not need to figure out where they will get a decent cup of coffee, and can focus their attention on their work instead. Secondly, the employees feel that the company cares about the culture of their company.

The office coffee maker works hard, but the coffee that it produces is likely to be unsatisfying. Many employees take this as a given at any workplace break room, and predict that they will need to find their own coffee somewhere outside of work. But this doesn’t need to be the way things are done. When companies take it upon themselves to provide their employees with better coffee, it shows an attention to detail around their employees that is appreciated.

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