It’s Okay to Eat Your Dessert First


Frozen yogurt spoons

Planning the dessert has always been your favorite part of planning. Whether you are making a menu for a small dinner gathering at your home or you are planning a wedding reception for your only daughter, you have always been tempted to plan the dessert first. You love ice cream, you love fresh fruit, and you love fresh flavors of gelato. Finding the right dessert, you are certain, is the best way to make sure that any dinner party or event is a success.
And while frozen treats are especially tasty and easy they are still a very popular way to end a meal, celebrate an event, or gather a group of people who are meeting for the first time.
From plastic spoons that match the theme of the day to paper ice cream cups that make clean up easy, finding the right dessert is often as simple as picking your favorite flavor from the frozen dessert aisle.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the ice cream industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period, according to research by NPD Group.
  • 28.5 is the average number of times the average American will consume ice cream in a year.
  • June, the beginning of summer, is the month that the most ice cream is produced.
  • 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat.
  • There were an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt stores at the end of 2013.
  • 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in the United States every year.
  • Vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers. In fact, according to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, 28% indicate that this is the case.

If you are getting ready to plan an event for a small group of friends or a large gathering for a company event, making sure that you have the right kind of dessert planned can help you make sure that you will be successful. For many, ice cream, or another kind of frozen treat is the perfect solution.

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