Bounce House Rentals Provide Hours of Fun and Excitement?



Some things never get old, and bouncing is one of those timeless pleasures enjoyed by the young in years and the young at heart. Bounce house rentals are a popular party rental for families preparing to celebrate big events.
The smallest bounce house rentals are perfect additions to your youngest child’s birthday party. Tall enough to fit in a couple of adults for supervision, but small enough for children to enjoy themselves, a themed bounce house is available in many colors, patterns, and character themes. These small temporary inflatables can fit in many locations in your front or back yard.
Large, attachable bounce house mazes that can stand alone or serve as competitive side by side mazes are a riot at parties for both young teenagers and adults. Add in an inflatable wrestling suit and you have a hilarious and harmless way for your guests to “duke it out” in front of a crowd of cheering spectators.
In today’s busy world, a child’s birthday party is an opportunity to get friends and family together for a full day of fun, conversation, and celebration. When it comes to children’s birthday parties, some families still follow the “age plus one” rule. For example, a party for a four-year-old should have five attendees. Other families use no real formula to determine the amount of guests, and simply invite both young and old friends and family members who have been an important part in a child’s life. Grandparents might find themselves getting to meet their grandchild’s preschool teacher and friends, and parents of classmates have a chance to socialize outside of a school setting. In a voluntary poll at parents were asked how much they spent on their child?s first birthday. Nearly 25% of the respondents, the overwhelming majority, reported spending more than $500 on the birthday celebration.
A 15 x 15 foot bounce house can hold up to 10 children or four adults. Larger inflatables hold more and can be assembled and joined to create an entire backyard of bouncing mayhem. Whether you are planning a high school graduation party for your son and other of his classmates, an end of the year eighth grade celebration for an entire class, or you are planning a small backyard get togehter for your one year old daughter, don’t forget to factor in fun. Bounce house rentals and a variety of other inflatables will make sure that both young and old guests have a party to remember.

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