Ever Wondered Which Type of Ice Cream You Are? Take This Quiz and Find Out!


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Have you ever wondered what type of ice cream matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out! What ice cream flavor are you?

  1. Which of these sounds like your perfect Saturday night?
    A. With a few good friends enjoying a home cooked meal
    B. Exploring the city or partying at the hottest nightclubs
    C. A romantic candlelight dinner out at a five-star steakhouse
  2. Where would you spend your dream vacation?
    A. A family vacation to Disney World
    B. Backpacking through South America
    C. An Italian city like Rome or Milan
  3. What toppings do you usually put on your ice cream?
    A. Whipped cream and hot fudge
    B. Whatever I feel like that day! It changes based on my mood
    C. Fresh fruits
  4. Pick a genre of music:
    A. Classic Rock
    B. Indie Pop
    C. Classical
  5. Your friends would describe you as:
    A. Dependable and loyal
    B. The life of the party
    C. A bit quiet and reserved

Mostly A: Hard Ice Cream
You are strong, traditional and dependable like hard scooped ice cream. You?re a reliable friend, you’re family-oriented and you always are willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. People like how they can always count on you to be consistent.
Just like hard ice cream, you are true to yourself. You are proud of the traits that make you who you are, no matter if you?re simple and sweet like vanilla or classic and comforting like cookie dough.

Mostly B: Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt
You?re a trendsetter! Always on the edge of what?s new and now, you never stop looking for ways to shake things up. You?re a true free spirit who likes to flaunt their individuality with their funky fashion choices or maybe an unconventional hairstyle. Many people would consider you a bit daring: you?re not afraid to mix strawberry froyo with salted caramel and cotton candy. Just like self-serve frozen yogurt, you?re and optimist who sees the world for all of its endless possibilities. You like to fill your cup with everything from fruit to fudge to fruity pebbles and you don?t care what others may think!

Mostly C: Gelato
You?re a sophisticated romantic. Just like gelato, you?re a bit intense but incredibly charming. You appreciate indulging in experiences like travelling to a foreign country or a treating yourself to a fancy dinner over material things any day. You?d much rather spend an evening curled up on the couch by the fire with your significant other than going out to a crowded club. You understand the importance of taking things slow and stopping to smell the roses. You?re an observer who is rich in knowledge and culture.

Comment below and share your results! What type of ice cream are you?

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