Chocolate, Strawberry Or Vanilla Which Ice Cream Flavor Is The All-Time American Favorite?


What’s the best thing about summer?

Is it the opportunity to wile away a bunch of hours at the beach under the hot sun or is it long nights under the stars at your favorite campground? Yes, this season certainly holds a lot of special memories for all of us…and with all of them comes the tasty treats of the year. Gelato, frozen yogurt and ice cream have remained huge favorites in the United States for a long time and this fact won’t be changing anytime soon. Not with ice cream shops doing their absolute best to provide the very best! Let’s take a look at what people like to eat when the weather takes a turn for the warmer…

Vanilla Still Reigns Supreme

What’s the most popular ice cream flavor? You already know! The International Ice Cream Association found vanilla still topping the list as the most popular flavor among consumers at nearly 30%. This is followed close behind by chocolate, strawberry and pistachio, though never let it be said that frozen treats aren’t as diverse as our taste buds! Sorbet uses a mixture of fruit to create a blend of flavors and, of course, we’ll continue exploring some of the more unique varieties you can find on the market…

Gelato Is A Rich, Creamy Alternative

For those that want to try something a little different while still appealing to their sweet tooth, gelato isn’t a bad place to start. Unlike the fluffy texture of your standard tub of ice cream gelato is thicker and creamier, giving you a much different result when you’re tired of the same old thing. Ice cream has around 50% air left after the churning process, whereas gelato only has around 30% air. To date June is the month that the most ice cream is produced in the United States.

Calorie Counters, Never Fear…Frozen Yogurt Is Here

Gelato and ice cream a little too fatty for your diet? Swing by your nearby frozen yogurt shop, take your pick of their colored spoons and try the number of examples they have on display. Unlike gelato and ice cream frozen yogurt doesn’t use dairy (or a very small amount), prioritizing yogurt and fruit instead for a crisp, low-fat treat for any hot day. Studies have shown over 90% of American households will regularly indulge in a sweet frozen treat, with over one and a half billion gallons of cold desserts produced every year.

There Are Lots Of Fun Varieties To Choose From

The average American will eat ice cream 30 times in a single year. What does this mean for the industry when it comes to keeping people engaged with their favorite frozen treats? There are a ton of interesting flavors on the market you can try to shake up an old favorite. Sea salt caramel has opened the floodgates for many, while huckleberry and blueberry can provide a mild twist on the sorbet standard. For those that want to go the extra mile, consider trying red bean or peach mochi ice cream. It’s a Japanese favorite!

Create The Best Summer Yet With A New Favorite

Grab your gelato cups and plan out your next ice cream buffet…summer will be here before you know it! A great way to usher in the rest 2018 has to offer is to come up with fun frozen treats to share with family and friends. The NPD Group found that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period. You can grab a dessert cup on the way back home to surprise a friend or try out some frozen treats to celebrate your new diet in style. The United States is home to over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores and you won’t have to search very hard to find one that gets your taste buds dancing!

There are a lot of great things about summer…and gelato, frozen yogurt and ice cream are easily at the top of that list!

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