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One of the industries that has existed throughout the history of the United States is without a doubt the farmer industry. While it has not always been the most profitable industry, as the markets have fluctuated, it has been the backbone of America for many reasons. A farmer is not only believed to be the symbol of rural hard working America, it is also the source of so many food items that citizens of the United States consume on a daily basis.

Some of these food items include organic food, organic beef, organic meats, vegetables, organic poultry, and fruits as well. America, for quite some time, has relied on the production from farmers in terms of producing these foods for grocery stores and farmers markets where consumers frequently go to in order to purchase food. If you are a future farmer or want tips on how to be a successful farmer, then here are some helpful tips to push you along the way.

Understand the Market

I know, I know, this is a very vague and generalized statement to make when giving someone advice in the business world but that does not mean it is not true. You should definitely focus on understanding the market you are a part of or are going to be a part of no matter what kind of market it is. Just a decade ago, only 50 grass-fed cattle operations existed within the United States, however, today there are thousands upon thousands of grass-fed cattle operations in the United States. That is just one way to understand the market you are operating within as a farmer.

One of the best things to understand is that grass-fed animals are the future of farming and the food people want to consume. A six-ounce steak produced from a grass-fed steer contains about 100 fewer calories than a six-ounce steak produced from a grain-fed steer. That is one of many reasons as to why, as a farmer, you should look to have grass-fed cattle operations on your farm. Also understand that grass-fed meat is low in bad fat, saturated fat, and can contain two to six times more omega-3 fatty acids, which is considered to be good fat as it helps heart and brain function.

One grain-fed cow will end up consuming about 284 gallons of oil in its lifetime, including the growing and processing of corn that is required to feed the cows. Also, grass-fed cows will use up a vastly lesser amount of energy while also producing less waste than the grain-fed counterpart. Americans also consume more chicken in the world, as it is the number one ranked protein consumed within the United States. This is important to know because now people care more and more about the treatment of these animals. As a matter of fact, about 81% of all respondents involved in a 2014 survey stated they firmly believed it was important that the chickens they ate are humanely raised.

In conclusion, a farmer that wants to find success should focus on two essential things: grass-fed cattle and humanely treatment for the animals on the farm. As a matter of fact, people even believe that chickens treated well and humanely on a farm are much more likely to produce healthy food products for the consumer. In 2016 a survey was conducted and revealed that about 74% of all consumers stated that they now pay much more attention to labels that identify how an animal was treated as opposed to how much they cared five years ago. Also, 94% of all Americans believe in measures to ensure food is safe for consumption when produced by a farm.

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