Is Your Husband a Meat and Potatoes Kind of Guy?


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If the local grocery store shelves are any indicator, the area children’s lunches she be full this week.
A late night trip to the grocery store on Sunday showed many shelves that were completely bare; the people working the front check stands looked exhausted; and the floors, which are usually spotless, were far from clean. The crowded Sunday afternoon grocery shopping has started again as parents plan to have food for packing lunches as school starts again. And while many parents are thinking about having their own cupboards stocked with healthy and fast lunch items, the real planners are thinking about getting back into the school routine of sitting down for an evening meal every night.
When the carefree days of summer come to an end, many parents realize that a big part of getting back on a schedule has to do with meal planning. When it comes to preparation for evening meals, many parents who are the most organized purchase bulk meat packages so that they always have something on hand. Thawing out a piece of meat overnight in the refrigerator, for instance, allows a healthy protein filled meal to go into the crockpot in the morning so that the evening meal is ready once everyone returns from work and school.
Purchasing bulk meat packages is often the most affordable way to make sure that your home is stocked with the main meal items that you need. Online meat sales, in fact, which come delivered frozen right to your door, are often the most economical way to plan for meals weeks, and sometimes months, in advance. Whether you have a preference for grass fed Michigan meet or special cuts of lean meat, online meat markets allow customers to specifically request what they want from the comfort of their own home. Bulk meat packages can then be planned into the monthly meal plan and it is only the fresh produce that needs to be bought at the local store.
How Many Times a Week Does Your Family Eat Beef?

Online steak bundles are an affordable way to purchase the meat that your family loves. In fact, bulk meat packages can be customized to make sure that you have the choice cuts that you want for grilling as well as the quality ground beef that you like to use in pasta dishes and casseroles. Consider this information about the meat industry in America and the purchasing habits of today’s consumers:

  • Measuring the amount of protein in a meal is an important part of meal planning, especially if your home has children. Did you know, for instance, that the protein content of lean, cooked beef ranges from 26% to 27%?
  • Estimates from the year 2007 indicate that the production of meat animals was responsible for $66 billion in added value to the U.S. economy.
  • All schedules are busy, but once school gets back in session many families struggle to keep a routine. Ordering your meat ahead of time and finding ways to avoid going to the grocery store everyday is a big time saver, encouraging you to eat at home more often.
  • Letting your family eat out instead of at home is a great temptation, but the fact of the matter is eating out is not only expensive, it also often takes more time than you have in your schedule.

  • Protein from animals is usually of high quality, containing all eight essential amino acids needed for body growth and maintenance.
  • Letting your children select from many different fruits and vegetables gets them in the bait of liking a wide variety. You provide the protein, let them pick the vegetable color.
  • Approximately 91% of beef farms and ranches in the U.S. are family-owned.
  • Nor surprising, there are 913,246 total cattle and calf operations in the U.S., according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
  • Now is the time to place your meat order so next month’s meals are a snap!
  • In the livestock “big four,” the list includes cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep.
  • Next week’s menu is calling!
  • Get going! Start making your plans for school time meal schedules.

Back to school MEAL PLANNING takes time, but if you get in the habit of ordering bulk meat packages you can rest assured that you will have the protein part of those evening dinners taken care of!

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