Expand Your Fine-Dining Experience with Organic Micro Greens


Varieties of edible flowers

Have you been to an upscale restaurant recently? Since you enjoy fine-dining, you may be interested to know that more and more Americans are treating themselves to gourmet meals. Chances are that these restaurants are also serving dishes with organic micro greens.

While micro greens have been available for 20 to 30 years, many diners may not be familiar with them. There are quite a few types of edible flowers that provide unique flavors and are a delicious accompaniment to various main courses, appetizers, and desserts.

Some edible flowers, such as hibiscus, can also be used as teas. You may have noticed edible flowers in salads as well. Crystallized rose petals, violas, and pansies are often used to create edible decorations on cupcakes, wedding cakes, and other decadent desserts. You can also enjoy sugar flowers all by themselves.

There are a variety of uses for micro greens. In addition to being an essential ingredient for many salads, they also provide a delicious alternative to lettuce in sandwiches, sliders, and fusion-style tacos. Just as with crystallized flowers, organic micro greens can also be enjoyed by themselves.

When you go out for a nice meal with family and friends, you may have noticed the way food is presented on everyone’s dishes. Beautiful plating is, as you know, part of the fine-dining experience.

Some people have food presentation preferences, as you’ve likely noted. While adults tend to prefer 3 colors along with 3 food components, children prefer 6 colors of food and 7 different components. Micro greens and edible flowers are the perfect solution to honoring these preferences when you prepare gourmet meals at home.

Since you would like to add micro greens to the meals you create, you can purchase these at a speciality shop. It’s important to keep them stored at an optimal temperature so they maintain their quality. The experts that raise micro greens will tell you that they should be stored at 4 degrees Celsius or 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Do you participate in the Flickr group, “I Ate This?” If you’re not familiar with this group, you may want to explore the photos posted by members exploring new culinary experiences. This group has over 19,000 members that have posted over 300,000 photos. And yes, many of these photos feature the many uses of organic micro greens. So, if you’re looking for ideas to expand your culinary palate, you may want to spend some time perusing all the amazing dishes at this site.

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