Change Up Your Boring Dinner Options With These Exciting Summer Dishes


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One of the best things about summer is the ability to change up your dinner routine with BBQ entrees. Your dinner choices likely become boring and monotonous over the long winter when you are limited on your cooking options. As the weather gets warmer, however, you can take your cooking outdoors. The following meals are perfect for your summer nights on the deck.

Grass fed beef meals

Grass fed beef is not only healthy, but it also goes perfectly on the grill. You can serve grass fed beef in a variety of ways, including hamburgers, steaks, or skewers. Grass fed simply means that it is a healthier alternative to the beef options that your family already enjoys. Beef from grass fed cows has higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, and offers more vitamins A and E. When you purchase grass fed beef, you have less chance of bacterial diseases and more nutrients in your beef choices. There are many grass fed meat recipes to choose from. You can also make it more convenient when you buy steaks online and have them directly delivered to your house. You will be ready for your next BBQ with little notice.

Chicken dishes

Chicken is an extremely common BBQ dish. For some reason, chicken just tastes better on the grill. You can also spice it up easily by adding fruits, peppers, or sauces to it. If plain is your thing, consider grilling a piece of chicken and dipping it in ketchup. On average, Americans consume 90 pounds of chicken every year. You are likely to find many different chicken grilling options at your local grocer come summertime. You can even purchase high quality chicken meats from your local meat farmers. Local chicken usually tastes better than store bought chicken or chicken that has been previously frozen and then thawed out.

Fish entrees

Fish is another dish that tastes better on the grill. Although many people boil or bake their fish, grilling it gives it a summery taste. There are many different fish choices to choose from. The grill makes it easy to cook any type that you prefer. Some types of fish can be difficult to cook on your own if you have limited cooking abilities, but even you can create a delicious meal with grilled fish. A particularly easy and tasty summer fish choice is wild salmon. Wild salmon averages out at 13 grams of fat in a half filet, compared to 27 grams in farmed salmon. The fresh salmon also tastes cleaner and tends to be more filling than store bought fish items.

Turkey dishes

You do not see as much turkey cooked on the grill, but it can be a unique and tasty dinner choice. Turkey can be paired with any other summer dish, including vegetables, potatoes, or beans. You can even spice up your turkey with some pepper or turn it into a sandwich with a bun and your favorite condiment. Make smaller meals with grilled pieces of turkey, such as lunch meat styles. For a larger meal, consider placing an entire turkey on the grill. This is sure to be a unique dish that your family will ask for again and again.

Most Americans engage in BBQ grilling at least once a week during the warm, summer months. Grilling tends to be easier and for some reason, tastes better. The ease of BBQ grilling is the perfect opportunity to change up your dinner choices. You can choose from beef, chicken, wild fish, and turkey dishes. Throw on a couple of sides and you have a complete meal. Purchase locally from farmers for grass fed meats for healthier dinner choices. Your family will appreciate the increase in their summer dinner options.

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