Five Sites You Need To Know For Online Wine Shopping


Do you enjoy pairing red and white wine with your favorite meal? Do you enjoy sitting after dinner, reading a good book and sipping a glass of moscato? Do you love tasting different wines when going on winery tours?

If you do, you aren’t alone. In 2016 alone, Americans consumed the equivalent of 4.2 billion bottles of wine. There are more than 10,000 different types of wine grapes, so the number of wines and wine varieties is also growing, much to the delight of wine lovers.

While wine is popular for its taste, it also has many health benefits including:

  • Giving your brain a boost
  • Helping to control your blood sugar
  • Lowering your cholesterol
  • Fighting colds
  • Helping fight cancer
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Promoting your heart health

For wine lovers, one of the greatest areas of growth is in the ability to buy wine online. As more and more industries (food, prescriptions, books, electronics) are made available online, so too is wine and there are many wine deals online that are available.

Before you buy any wine online, be sure that you’re up on any local and state wine laws. Different states have different rules for buying alcohol and for shipping alcohol, so you want to make sure you’ve got things squared away on that front. You also want to make sure you’re home on to receive shipments once they come in.

As previously stated, there are many sites where you can find wine deals online and here are five you should know:

This is considered one of the largest online wine retailers and it’s also one of the best. If you’re looking for something specific, the site has a wide variety of search options (price, rating, region, new arrivals) and you can even search under criteria like screw caps or eco-friendly offerings. For customers looking for fine and vintage wines, there’s a section for that too. offers more than 10,000 different wines and offers a lot of educational content about wine and about the different kinds you can buy. staffers can also give recommendations for pairing wine with food and what wines are best for wine parties.

Last Bottle

Last Bottle is a different kind of online retailer that deals in fine wines. These high-end wines are offered at large discounts, but the site offers just one wine a day. While you don’t have the variety, you’ll save time from having to search and the site will also hold your order. If you’re lucky enough to buy the last bottle of the day, you’ll get an additional $25 in credits.

K and L Wines

If you’re looking for wine deals online, K and L Wines is another site that’s considered one of the best. Wines here are sourced globally with their buyers traveling to and buying wines directly from Europe, which helps keep down the price you pay for bottles. The site offers plenty of kinds of wine, but also offers beer and spirits. K and L has several wine clubs you can join and personalized monthly wine programs.


You already fine great deals on Amazon for everything else, so why not try and fine some great wine deals online too? Believe it or not, Amazon has a wine department with an extensive search menu. You can also choose what state you’re shipping to to refine your search. Amazon is big on domestic wines, but you can find a good international selection too. It should be noted Amazon Prime doesn’t offer free shipping, but some wines qualify for one-cent shipping.


If you’re looking for a different way to search for wine online, this is the site for you. It’s organized by which foods wines pair with such as take-out, green and poultry. You can do traditional searches for red and white wines, but you can also do different search criteria for wine characteristics like “spicy” and “earthy.” You can find a variety of domestic and international offerings and ship via UPS.

Buying wine from an online wine shop or online wine sellers can be a fun way to switch things up if you love wine and more likely than not, you’ll be able to find some great online wine sales too.

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