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It seems like craft beer has already been around for ever, and it has turned into a popular trend and a booming business. The truth is, all beer once started as craft beer. This is truly a historic beverage than it almost as old as mankind itself. And if you’re a beer drinker and a meat eater, then you know that craft beer is the perfect beverage when you’re enjoying burgers. The right local watering holes can provide both…and that’s a pretty perfect evening.

Where to Find the Best Local Watering Holes

Everyone likes to try new tastes, and it’s always fun to work your way down the craft beer list at local watering holes. Visiting pubs and bars is a great way to expand your knowledge of craft beer — and it’s not a bad place to find a good burger, either. Around 93 percent of imported beer drinkers, 88 percent of domestic beer drinkers, and 84 percent of craft beer buyers enjoy tasting and discovering new beers. Find local watering holes that update their craft beer list seasonally, and you’ll always have something new to try.

The craft beer market is worth about 19.6 billion dollars, and that’s pretty big business. Everyone, from the biggest chains to small, local watering holes, has been cashing in on this trend. It’s not at all difficult to find a good restaurant these days offering craft beer of all types.

Good Craft Beers and Burgers

Look for local watering holes online, or get adventurous and just start driving around. You may happen upon a great, lesser-known place to grab a few drinks. Little places that you discover on your own are often great places to grab a burger. Americans eat burgers around 4.3 times a month or more than once a week.

Around 42 percent of consumers say that toppings are the first or second most important element of any burger. A report from 2009 shows that 75 percent of burger lovers say that the quality of meat is the first or second most important part of the burger. So if you find local watering holes that offer good beef and good tippings, then you’ve got perfect places to go when you want a delicious burger.

Good local watering holes will have a menu of bar food classics like burgers, but they’ll also have a craft beer list that changes occasionally. Typically, these changes deal only with flavors. Most craft beers range from 5 to 10 percent ABV, or alcohol by volume. Around 84 percent of craft beer drinkers choose the beer cased on the season, so local watering holes that provide a changing beer menu are a great choice. Pubs and bars that regularly change their craft beer list typically offer a variety of seasonal choices that are only available for a limited time.

Good craft beers aren’t hard to come by if you search the right local watering holes. Go exploring to find little places to grab a drink and a burger, and become part of the craft beer scene.

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