Four Fun Ways To Use Microgreens


Edible flowers used as teas

Farmers have been growing microgreens for the past 20 to 30 years, however, these tiny greens are recently experiencing a surge in popularity. Nowadays, people can find several varieties of micro greens at the grocery store to incorporate into homemade meals, and varieties of edible flowers and microgreens are found in many restaurant dishes. Here is a list of four ideas for fun ways to begin growing microgreens’ presence in dishes you make at home.

#1. Salads

Did you know that most adults prefer to eat dishes that contain three different colors of food and three different components? Having a colorful salad as a side dish is a great way to add many colors to a meal. Microgreens can be substituted for full-size greens in most salads. Some great combinations to try are radish, arugula or broccoli micro greens with carrots, avocado and a light vinaigrette.

#2. Topping A Sandwich

Instead of topping a sandwich with lettuce day after day, try substituting microgreens. One sandwich idea to try is ham and brie cheese with microgreens on multigrain bread or a ciabatta roll. Add pesto for a zesty italian flavor.

#3. Garnishes

The visual appeal of microgreens can enliven most plates. If you are serving a meat or fish dish, microgreens can make a delicate garnish to top off the meat. Salmon topped with a lemon microgreen sauce is sure to get your taste buds tingling.

#4. Topping A Pizza

An old standby and comfort food for many people gets a makeover by using microgreens as a topping. Try pairing microgreens with other toppings such as ricotta cheese and bacon. The petite greens wilt slightly in the oven and melt into the cheese, providing for a delicious bite.

You may still encounter some people who still ask, “what are microgreens?” However, social media sites like Flickr have groups that showcase food photography such as “I ate this” have resulted in growing microgreens’ popularity so soon they may be a household term. Look for fun things to do with microgreens to make your dishes fun, healthy and vibrant.

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