Four Tasty Treats That Prove Hummus is So Much More Than a Dip


Hummus spread

Over the last couple of decades, hummus has become one of the most popular dips in the grocery store, even starting to rival things like salsa and guacamole. With relatively little calories for a huge return of important nutrients, hummus nutrition is lauded by vegetarians and omnivores alike, both for it’s complex flavors and health benefits.

Unfortunately, even with this huge boom in popularity, too many people continue to make the mistake of thinking their favorite roasted garlic hummus dip is only a dip. If you only ever use your favorite hummus as an accoutrement to pita or tortilla chips, you’re really missing out. There is a better way!

How to Better Use Your Favorite Hummus Spread

  1. Use a Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip in Place of Alfredo Sauce
  2. For All Women’s Talk, one of the best ways to use hummus is as a healthier replacement to the delicious but energy dense alfredo sauce. Using your favorite roasted garlic hummus dip, or any other flavor, mixing this dip into hot pasta with some fresh vegetables will give you a creamy, filling dish, at a fraction of the calories.

  3. Bring Spicy Hummus Dip Together with Mashed Potatoes
  4. Mashed potatoes are one of the most perfect foods man has ever created, but by pairing your mash recipe with a great hummus, it is possible to take this starchy treasure to the next level. As with pasta, you need only mix your favorite hummus into creamy mashed potatoes to get a dish so flavorful it will feel like somebody is punching you in the tongue.

  5. A Hearty Take on Veg Pizza
  6. When you think about vegetarian pizza, do you think about a pie that’s packed to the gills with flavor? Probably not. This is yet another place where hummus can help. As suggests, hummus makes for a hearty substitute for the more traditional tomato sauce. Try using the ingredients for a marinara pizza — the mozzarella, the basil, the tomatoes — but use hummus for your sauce. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Use It as a Substitute for Fat-Laden Spreads
  8. Have you noticed that hummus is an extremely durable ingredient yet? It can replace alfredo sauce and pizza sauce, but for many people, it’s the perfect replacement for butter, mayo, and other fat-filled sandwich spreads. Not sure how to use hummus as a spread? You can use it on any sandwich with meats, salads, etc. that go well with mayo, mustard, and the rest of the classics. No need to thank me.

What are your favorite ways to use different types of hummus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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