Four Simple Recipes Using Salsa You Can Make at Home


Recipes with salsa

Would you be surprised to hear that, according to Slate, ketchup, mustard, and other traditional American condiments are no longer the most popular condiments on supermarket shelves? Salsa has taken the title of number one condiment in the entire country.

Too many of us make the mistake of thinking that our favorite classic mild salsa dip can only be used as a dip or as a topping for tacos. However, from pico de gallo salsa dips to the green variety, recipes using salsa have been cropping up forever that use salsa as a base or as an accent. The flavor, as you will see if you use these recipes using salsa you’re about to learn about, is absolutely incredible.

Four Recipes Using Salsa You Should Try Right Now

  1. A Simplified Chili
  2. Chili is likely one of the most famous recipes with salsa dip in it. Now, depending on how you make your chili, you likely use a base of freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, and chile peppers to get your chili started. In other words, you’re already effectively using a salsa in your chili. Using different types of salsa that are ready made can cut down your prep time and make for really interesting flavor variations to this classic dish.

  3. Improve a Long List of Breakfast Dishes
  4. Why people assume salsa only goes well with lunch or dinner dishes is beyond me. Huevos rancheros, a classic TexMex breakfast offering, is literally eggs smothered in salsa. From omelettes to savory waffles to plain old toast, just about any of your favorite breakfast dishes can be made better using salsa, as Serious Eats points out.

  5. Add Southwest Flavor to Macaroni and Cheese
  6. Few things are more American than macaroni and cheese, but sometimes, you don’t want that plain boxed flavor or that ordinary cheesy goodness that you grew up with. Maybe you want something with more depth of flavor, something with more spice. As Kraft suggests, putting your favorite salsa into your mac and cheese recipe will completely change one of your favorite foods for the better.

  7. Flavor-packed Hamburgers
  8. Over the last few years, “stuffed” hamburgers have become insanely popular. Mixing some monterey jack cheese and a can of salsa into your favorite hamburger mix can give you something of a nacho hamburger. From there, as writes, you can add guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes — whatever you like — to make one of the best burgers you’ve ever had.

What recipes using salsa do you like best? Don’t be shy! Share your favorites with us in the comments below. Research more here:

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