Good Food And The Summer Breeze


When the winter thaws and summer comes out to play, people are ready to come out of their caves. More often than not, people do not want to be cooped up in a stuffy restaurant any longer. And what satisfies the need for sun and food? A popular trend that contributes to the 660,755 restaurants, as of Spring 2018, in just the United States alone? Outdoor restaurants!

Restaurants have always been a treat, a relaxing adventure for the taste buds. Why else would 20 percent of Americans go out to eat at least once a week, 44 percent prefer going out during lunch. So it is not a surprise that an ingenious idea like mixing great food with the warm breeze of nature would be so popular. This is coupled with beautiful views, like outdoor restaurants atop a roof, and gardens and greenery sprinkled about. Restaurants with outdoor seating tend to fill those seats because of it. It is advertisement for free, essentially, since not a single cent is paid on advertisement. Could-be customers walk by, pick up the smell on the breeze and, like the cartoons, are carried into your restaurant on smell alone. There is a reason 48 percent of Americans prefer their meals in the summer sun.

Outdoor restaurants are even easier of accepting people from all walks of life. For example, many outdoor restaurants offer the opportunity to eat with your dog. It is a no-brainer considering many Americans own a dog or two. Outdoor restaurants placed on the ground level can even be easier to maneuver through if you are, or know, someone with a disability.

What kind of foods can you expect?

Many! There is not a limit to the foods you can experience at an outdoor restaurant. Breakfast menu? Yes. Lunch? Yes to that, too. Brunch menu? Yep! Ever since it was first printed in 1896 in an old Pennsylvania newspaper known as the New Oxford. Dinner? Yes, again. So what are you waiting for? When was the last time you treated yourself? Find the best brunch places or search “restaurants near me” and take your taste buds on a flavor adventure with the summer breeze on your back, maybe a friend or two and their dogs as well!

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