Nostalgic Candy Brighten Up Any Party Adding Personalized Candy To Your Celebration


You have a great idea for a birthday bash for a friend. You’re wondering what you could do to add some whimsical fun to a celebration. You’re in a tight bind putting together a buffet and need some treats to entice guests.

Wherever you land on the scale, personalized candy is a fantastic motivator. No matter how old we get, candy holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a tasty treat to reward us after hours of hard work and it’s a way to show someone special you care. When you could use a little extra punch on your menu or birthday line-up, a personalized candy store can provide you the best in bulk offers. Are you thinking of getting something minty to cleanse the palette or are you leaning more toward classic chocolates?

Let your sweet tooth guide you! Stroll down candy lane and learn about today’s most popular sweets.

American Adults Love Their Tasty Treats

You ask any American adult about their favorite candy and you’ll get a dozen responses in return. That’s because the United States is home to some of the most delicious stuff out there, with hundreds of years of history behind every wrapped taffy and melty chocolate bar. It’s estimated the average American eats nearly 25 pounds of candy every year. Around 50% of that candy comes from the top 50 chocolate bars, such as Hershey’s, Butterfinger, and Snickers. One survey found one out of four American adults will have at least one piece of candy for every day of the week!

Children Have Huge Sweet Tooths

It’s common knowledge children love personalized candy and will eat it at any chance they get. Did you know that this craving is rooted in biology? Their taste buds are not as refined as an adult’s, making sweets stand out all the more. Kids will eat four hard and chewy candies for every one eaten by adults, according to recent studies. Adults often prefer to eat chocolate candies for the combination of smooth, bitter, and sweet.

The Power Of Chocolate

While some prefer sour candies and others gravitate to chewy gummies, it’s safe to say chocolate is the great equalizer. Nearly three billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in the United States every year, which is an average of 11 pounds per person! Milk chocolate, in particular, is the most popular form of candy for bars. This recipe balances at around 10% to 20% cocoa solids, including cocoa butter and milk solids. You can buy chocolate candy online in bulk or in pretty packages for your event.

Candy Mints For Starters

Perhaps you don’t want to go too far on the sweet side. You just need a tasty treat to get people excited about the main course! Candy mints in bulk are the perfect choice to add that special garnish on your event or party. Americans over the age of 18 consume nearly 65% of the candy produced every year, with chocolate remaining responsible for 50% of this candy intake. Mints are a great way to freshen up your breath and cleanse the palette to make way for dinner. They also come in soft colors and fun shapes to fit neatly on a napkin, plate, or bowl.

Choosing The Right Personalized Candy

You know for sure you want some gourmet candy for this event. It’s just too special to go for the same plain set-up! When you want nostalgic candy in bulk or just some cute candy mints, look into a personalized candy store online. You only have so much time on your hands to set up schedules and create the menu, after all, and every little bit counts. You can have bulk candy sent straight to your doorstep, ready to go.

From fruity chewy candies to rich milk chocolate, the world’s your proverbial oyster…or candy shop! Buy personalized candy online and save yourself some stress on your way to planning the best event.

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