Having A bottleless water cooler solution


Having A bottleless water cooler solution

Although drinking water from a bottle can be fun and even refreshing, it is essentially is that of a waste of the many bottle available in the United States. It is far more efficient to look into a bottleless water cooler solution. The average human body is is made up of 60% water, and about one in every eight people in the world, not just the United States, have no access to clean water at all. These are just some of the many reasons a majority of people should take up a bottleless water cooler solution.

Why Drinking Bottled Water Can Be Dangerous

The simple fact that the global consumption of bottled water goes up by about 10 percent each year only further illustrates how important it is for people to take up a bottleless water cooler solution. It isn’t just about reducing the amount fo plastic that is used and even fundamentally wasted in the manufacturing of these bottles of water. It is about the inherent principle of health given that a lot of times, most people who drink bottled water, or simply from it rather than from the occasional glass, have almost little to no knowledge of where that bottle water actually came from. In fact, there is plenty of which to take very seriously when it is proven that contaminated water alone can potentially transmit diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio to the human body. This is something to be alarmed about when drinking bottle water, given that if you don’t have a real idea of where it came from can be that of a massive detriment to the health of your body.

Now, drinking bottled water doesn’t always have to really be that of a bad thing or even the end of the world. However, being aware of what exactly you end of consuming and what it is comprised of is of great importance, considering the types of risks that attribute to the suffering it may cause you later on in life. Take for example the focus towards that of Brita filtered water, and how it can sometimes contain over 10,000 times the normal bacteria colony count as that of tap water. A fact like that alone should serve to further prove just how important it is that a person do everything within their power to be well aware of where exactly the water they drink comes from, hence making the idea of a bottleless water cooler solution more efficient.

In Conclusion

As already mentioned, bottled water isn’t always bad, especially when a person needs to stay hydrated, and they can do that regardless of whether they drink water from a hot and cold water cooler or that of a bottleless water cooler service. However, it really all boils down to the person’s desire to stay aware, informed, and just responsible when it comes to delving further into knowing more about certain things like advanced filtration, or that of commercial water cooler solutions. Again, it really is a matter of how well they decide to take the information they receive and how well they apply it. If they don’t, they are essentially just compromising their health, while at the same time reducing their ability to think at a fundamentally deeper and much more critically effective level. Alongside of the physical activity that often makes people sweat a lot in that they very much need to keep themselves hydrated with massive amounts of water, the act of thinking alone can serve as that of a major way in which they can boost productivity. That is an essential when it comes to drinking water, as well as when pertaining to the type of water they drink given that they still need to have some sense of being aware of where that water actually came from. A person can only go without water for at least three or four days before their health is at risk, and when it comes to being in the United States, only about 80% of the country has hard water in it.

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